The Apple Watch ‘Pro’ Will Be the First True Redesign Since Series 4, But There Will Be No Flat Sides

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, the impending high-end edition of the Apple Watch Series 8 will include the device’s first overhaul in years and a new titanium case, but will not sport the long-rumored squared-off style.

Gurman stated in the most recent issue of his “Power On” newsletter that this year’s high-end Apple Watch model will be “a fair bit bigger” than current Apple Watch models, to the point where “it might only appeal to a subset of buyers.” The smartphone is expected to have a seven percent bigger display.

Gurman confirmed speculations that the high-end Apple Watch will have the first fresh look since the 2018 release of the Apple Watch Series 4. According to rumors, it will not be round, and contrary to claims of a squared-off shape, “it will also not have those alleged flat edges.” Gurman, on the other hand, viewed the new design as “an development of the current rectangular shape.”

He also stated that the case will be comprised of “a more robust formulation of titanium to make it tougher.” According to Gurman, the smartphone will also have a longer battery life that might last multiple days on a single charge thanks to a new Low Power Mode.

The sole new health function slated for the Apple Watch Series 8 is a body-temperature sensor, with blood-pressure monitoring not expected until 2025 and blood-glucose monitoring not expected until “nearer to the end of the decade.”

Gurman went on to say that “the impending Apple Watch release is shaping up to be one of the company’s more interesting product launches this year.”

Gurman: the ‘apple Watch Pro’, a High-performance Sports Watch, Might Cost as Much as $1,000

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple’s rumored next-generation Apple Watch for extreme sports could cost roughly $999—the same starting price as the current iPhone 13 Pro. The ‘Apple Watch Pro’s potential competition, the Samsung Watch Pro 5, has been unveiled. Image courtesy of 91Mobiles His Power On newsletter has just been published, and Gurman compares the supposed premium watch to Apple’s 45mm titanium watch.

According to Rumors, Only One Model of the Apple Watch Series 8 Will Have a Larger Battery

According to a recent source, Apple intends to deliver an Apple Watch Series 8 model with a larger battery this year. According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, Apple is working on an “extreme sports” version of the Apple Watch with a nearly two-inch screen, improved impact resistance, and a larger battery. According to Gurman, the larger battery could allow for greater.

The Apple Watch Series 8 Can Detect Fever

According to Bloomberg’s reliable Mark Gurman, the next Apple Watch Series 8 will be able to tell the wearer if they suspect they have a fever due to a higher-than-usual body temperature. According to Gurman’s current Power On email, the Apple Watch Series 8 will include a new body temperature sensor as the sensor passes.

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