How Can I Play 8 Tencent Games On My iPhone Or Android?

Tencent Games: I hope everything is good with you. So far, we’ve discussed the many different gaming genres and game types that go under practically every genre, including action, adventure, sports, horror, etc. But don’t we already know the most well-liked game in the world that drove everyone insane for a whole year? You and I have probably previously engaged in that game. What kind of game is that?

The response is “PubG.” The converted BGMI, indeed. The game was widely outlawed in many nations, including India. Additionally, Tencent, a Chinese corporation, produces it. Tencent, the business that designed the game. Tencent had more than 100 different well-known games that became well-known all over the world.

The young generation worldwide enjoys the very addictive games created by Tencent. The video games produced by Tencent are popular. You kept that in mind; I, shyami, your professional gamer, put together a list of the top 17 Tencent games for your Android or iPhone in 2023.

Why do you need to understand who and what 911 Unblocked Games are? Playing a few games is the only enjoyable way to pass the time. Have you ever discovered that your online video game isn’t working while you’re at school or on a lunch break?



One of the most played games for mobile devices is this one. The Japanese movie “Battle Royale,” which debuted in 2000, served as the basis for this game. One hundred players parachute into an island with weapons to kill other players while avoiding being killed themselves in this game.

These individuals’ safe zone gets smaller over time. The game is won by the last player still standing. Battlegrounds have surpassed 600,000,000 downloads. Positive reviews for the game claim that it is highly replayable and accessible to players of all skill levels.

The game has been nominated for and won awards for multiple rounds of the year due to its widespread appeal. Over the years, Tencent has made a tonne of money thanks to the game. For instance, Battleground generated nearly $900 million in gross sales in 2007. It is well-liked in China, India, and the US.

Tencent Games

A well-liked and much-awaited video game is almost here! This week will see the official release of Madden 23. FieldSense, one of EA’s most significant breakthroughs, has even been shared. It is “the foundation for continual, ultra-realistic gameplay that allows you more control at every position and influences every game style in Madden NFL 23.”

Honor of Kings

In Chinese, The Honor of Kings is referred to as Wangzhe Rongyao. The video game was created by TiMj Studios and officially released by Tencent. It is an Android app that has a multiplayer online battle arena. By 2017, there were 80 million daily active players and over 200 million monthly active players of Honor of Kings.

It was both the most downloaded program and the highest-earning game. There are several game types in Honor of Kings that emphasize competitive matching. Players can compete in player vs. player matches or player versus environment adventure scenarios.

There are three player-versus-player games: 1v1, 5v5, and 3v3. The most popular game style, 5v5, includes using the same game map. Ten players are divided into two opposing teams of five apiece.

Tencent Games

Uncharted is, without a doubt, the PlayStation fan franchise with the most following. As one of the most well-liked games of this generation, Uncharted four is eagerly anticipated, but its 2016 release date means you still have to wait.

The Arena Of Valor

Another game that has been nominated for numerous awards and won them for being among the top game programs is this one. The game was once known as the kingdom of valor or strike kings. The honor of Kings has been translated into this language for this game.

Additionally, TiMj Studios produced it, and Tencent is the official publisher. IOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch users can access The Arena of Valor. The game’s sales outside of China alone totaled roughly $140 million. The primary modes are Abyssal Clash, Grand Battle, and Valley Skirmish, while there are other modes.

Matches between players can last between 12 and 18 minutes on average. The game has elements of the well-known League of Legends game. This game is for you if you enjoy player rewards in video games. Players receive benefits from the Arena of Valor, like gold, which they may use to purchase various heroes.

Tiao Yi Tiao

Tencent never ceases to astonish users with new game goods. WeChat, a well-liked messenger, used by many worldwide, now has a unique feature thanks to the large firm. Thanks to this part, users of WeChat can play games as long as they have logged into the app.

The fact that players can play the game utilizing Wechat without downloading anything is astonishing. Tiao Yi Tiao means “jump and jump” in English. For players on mobile devices, the game is incredibly addictive. It is also simple to play because you must move the black figure around the screen by pressing and holding it down on the net.

You will ultimately earn one point for each successful jump. If you succeed, you can share your high scores on WeChat with your pals. The game is similar to the bottle flip app which Ketchapp created.

Tencent Games

Game Of Thrones

Tencent has you covered if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones on HBO. Tencent decided to create a game after agreeing with HBO to air Game of Thrones in China. The Yoozoo-created game was first made available as a web game. You can take control of well-known Game of Thrones characters in the game.

These characters can be used to experience unforgettable occasions and go to on-screen destinations. As soon as the Chinese government started to approve games, the game gained significant traction. However, there is just a Chinese version of the game. If you’re having trouble with Game of Thrones, this game will be more helpful to you.

Tencent Games

Perfect World Online

By releasing Perfect World Mobile on its online channels, Tencent reaffirmed its stronghold in the Chinese gaming market. On March 6, 2018, the game was formally launched in China. After several months of closed beta testing, this happened.

The three primary races in Perfect World are winged elves, humans, and untamed. A human wizard, a female winged elf cleric, a male winged elf archer, a human blade master, and a wild barbarian are among the five verified instances. Tencent is planning for the transition even if the market for the western market has not yet debuted.

Tencent Games

Dragon Raja

After enjoying great popularity in China, Dragon Raja will soon be available worldwide. It is a chic MMORPG with a futuristic setting complete with neon lights and piercing ancient dragons. The game has an excellent visual style with its diverse array of character designs and attractive surroundings. The plot skillfully combines science fiction and fantasy.

The dragons that formerly ruled the world are awakening in the course of the narrative. The race must devise strategies to prevent them from capturing control. You can tinker with a dragon-human hybrid created by the game. Depending on your abilities, you can choose from four different classes.

Crazy Racing KartRider

Tencent and Tiancity collaborated on the creation of this game. Both businesses are gaming businesses based in China. China has seen a rise in the popularity of the game. It contains numerous features, such as unique karts and costumes.

Players can anticipate models, including arcade, ranked, racing, time trial, and story. The enjoyable types are found in arcade mode. I suggest this game to those who enjoy a variety of entertaining features.

Tencent Games

Final Lines

I hope all is well in your world. Up to this point, we’ve talked about the numerous gaming subgenres and game types that fall into almost every category, including action, adventure, sports, horror, etc. But aren’t we already familiar with the game played the most and drives everyone nuts for a year? We’ve probably played that game before, you and I. That game is what kind? Learn everything there is to know and tell your friends.

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