Temtem Game For Nintendo Switch! How Is It Distinct From Pokemon?

If you follow the Pokemon community, you might have heard talk recently about Temtem. This new game resembles Pokemon but is entirely different from it since Temtem is an MMO with intriguing monster designs and extensive customization, even though monster capture and battle RPGs have been outside of Pokemon for years.

Temtem is a monster-battle role-playing game with many distinctions from Pokemon. It’s a brand-new environment with all-new monsters to tame and fight and extensive character customization. Because it’s online, it also serves as an MMO so that you can play with a substantial international player base.
Are you curious about the Temtem universe? We were also. Here are some of the main things we discovered about Temtem during its early access before its Nintendo Switch release. Niantic Frequently Introduces Brand-new Gameplay Features Or Distinctive Pokémon That Call For A Spectacle Upon Their First Appearance At Pokémon Go Fest. What Causes Ultra Wormholes To Show Up In Pokémon Go?



Temtem is a brand-new RPG that lets you collect and fight monsters that have just gone live in early access on Steam. You take on the role of a brand-new Temtem tamer who ventures into the outside world, assembles a team of Temtem, or sentient monsters, and engages in combat with other Temtem tamers using those monsters.

Sounds recognizable? Temtem has a lot in common with another monster-catching and combat role-playing game you may be familiar with, for a good reason. Pokemon Go Has Just Been Available For A Little Over A Month, But Players Are Already Making Jokes About The “Strange Spawning” From Daily Incense. Players Are Frustrated By The Multiple Modifications And Alterations Niantic Has Made Recently To The Way Incenses Work In Pokemon Go.

Co-Relation Between Temtem And Pokemon

Temtem technically has nothing to do with Pokemon. The creators are different, it doesn’t feature any of the same creatures or characters, and it makes no allusions to Pokemon at all. However, it draws significantly from Pokemon, so if you are familiar with that game, you’ll be quite at home in Temtem’s world.

Temtem Nintendo Switch

Beyond only the straightforward premise of capturing and combating Temtem, there are direct and obvious parallels between the two. For instance, Temtem can level up, increase their stats, evolve, only be used in battle with four moves at once, have successful or useless types versus other sorts of Temtem, and can be mated to create more Temtem.

Temtem can also be caught after fighting them in the wild. Temtem tamers can have up to six Temtem in their party at once, engage in combat, trade Temtem, list Temtem in a dictionary, and complete a challenge akin to the Pokemon Gym challenge.

You’ll find many more similarities as you play Temtem; these are just a few examples. Both Physical And Digital Versions Of Games Are Made Available For The Nintendo Switch, A Video Game Device Designed By Nintendo. Physical Games Are Offered On Cartridges That Are Compatible With The Switch Device.

Distinctions Among Temtem And Pokemon

However, Temtem’s differences from Pokemon are among its most intriguing features. There are a lot of mechanical distinctions between Temtem and Pokemon that you’ll want to be aware of, aside from the fact that all the characters, Temtem, and the setting are entirely new.

  • Temtem has kinds (fire, water, nature, etc.), but they differ significantly from Pokemon in terms of both what they are and how they interact with one another. You’ll notice that immediately when you have to select one of your three starting Temtem, which are, respectively, of the Crystal, Melee, and Mental varieties.
  • The majority of Temtem battles involve two Temtem fightings another Temtem. As you play, this significantly alters the combat because Temtem must cooperate and deal with two opponents simultaneously (occasionally, one powerful opponent).
  • Temtem has Stamina instead of PP for each of their abilities, which must be watched when you employ them in combat. If you push yourself too far, your Temtem will get worn out and suffer harm.
  • Beyond the few included in Pokemon, there are many more status conditions, and they have an entirely different effect on Temtem than on Pokemon. To find out what they are and how to deal with them in combat, go to the Accademia in Bridal del Mar.
  • Temtem is an MMORPG. Thus other online players will be present while you play, and you will be able to interact with them in some ways.
    Temtem’s plot is far more challenging than Pokemon’s, so to advance, you’ll need to grind levels and pay great attention to tactics.
  • You can pick up quests from NPCs in Temtem and fulfill them to earn prizes. In Pokemon, that is technically true (characters will ask you for items you can deliver), but in Temtem, a quest log keeps track of this for you at all times.
  • Temtem evolves in the same way that Pokemon do, except after being captured, rather than growing at a specific level, they do so. For instance, if you catch a level 4 Kaku, it will evolve when it reaches level 15 because Kaku develops 11 levels after being captured.

What Is This Game About?

Temtem primarily consists of two types of gameplay: combat and exploration. You will be helped to select your first Temtem after you have designed and personalized your character. Since each Temtem has distinct advantages and disadvantages, there is no right or wrong choice. Choose the Temtem that most appeals to you.

You will then be directed to continue on your quest from there. Once you’ve stocked up on supplies from the local stores and are ready to venture out into the world, talk to everyone you meet to learn more about the environment you’ve found yourself in.

Temtem Nintendo Switch

Keep clear of the grass if you want to avoid a fight because as you advance, you’ll come across sections with tall grass where wild Temtem might charge out at you for a fight. Use a Temporium to utilize items or heal your team if you are hurt.

Along with you, you’ll notice other Temtem tamers out and about. When you speak to people in towns, they typically won’t want to fight and will provide you with information. Many tamers will want to fight you between cities and will do so if you cross their path, so take care.

There will also be other tamers strolling around, but you cannot engage them in a fight if they do not have a combat icon over their heads. As you travel, keep an eye out for items hidden in little boxes on the ground throughout the area!

Temtem Fights Arena

Bouts with other tamers and battles with untamed Temtem are the two different types. Untamed Temtem conflicts can involve one or more Temtem and are typically started at random by strolling through tall grass.

The first two Temtem in your party will be sent out to engage them, and each Temtem will have a choice of four attacks each turn. Your strikes have the potential to harm targets, have negative consequences for adversaries, or have positive results for your side. Before launching an attack, make sure to read its description.

Whenever a Temtem’s health is zero, it will fall unconscious. It will vanish from the combat if it is a wild Temtem. Unless you run out of Temtems, if it’s yours, you’ll need to switch to a new one to carry on the battle.

When fighting an untamed Temtem, your objective is to defeat them or use Temtem cards to capture them. Bring down the Temtem’s health before tossing one since Temtem cards work better at taming Temtem when they are vulnerable.

Similar tactics are used in battles with Temtem tamers, but since you cannot tame other people’s Temtem, your objective is to outlast them. Furthermore, tamers occasionally have more than two Temtem and replace them with fresh ones until they run out.

Is This A Multiplayer Game?

You may! Since it is an online MMORPG, you may look for your pals to trade and fight with in Temtem. The interactions between you and Temtem currently stop there, though it can be entertaining to hunt Temtem alongside friends.

Release Date For Nintendo Switch

Temtem is only presently accessible via Steam on the PC, although a Nintendo Switch version is anticipated for May 2020. Temtem is still in early access. Therefore it hasn’t been polished to perfection, and some features aren’t yet available.

That’s okay, though, because the game was released through Steam’s early access program, and a full release on the Nintendo Switch is scheduled for May once the game exits early access. Please be understanding if you run into glitches or areas that aren’t finished (typically indicated by a WIP indication) while playing right now on a PC.

How To Buy Temtem?

Temtem is currently available for PC through Steam for $35. In May 2020, it will debut on consoles, including the Nintendo Switch. Temtem is a monster-battle role-playing game with many distinctions from Pokemon.

It’s a brand-new environment with all-new monsters to tame and fight and extensive character customization. Because it’s online, it also serves as an MMO so that you can play with a vast international player base.

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