Taylor Swift receives Doctorate degree from New York University

Taylor Swift received an honorary doctorate degree from New York University on Wednesday morning, fulfilling a long-held desire. In any case, she made sure to include a lot of comedy and puns in her graduating address, according to Page Six.

The singer received an honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts for being a “trailblazing and influential advocate for artists’ right,” as well as “one of the most prolific and famous musicians of her time.” Swift, then again, had an idea regarding the reason why she had been asked to the celebration. “I’m 90% sure that the reason I’m here is because I have a song called ‘22,’” Swift joked to start things off, alluding to the way that she was addressing the Class of 2022.

“I’d to thank NYU for making me technically, on paper at least, a doctor. Not the type of doctor you would want around in the event of an emergency,” she joked, according to Page Six.

Swift shared a TikTok video of herself getting ready for the event prior to entering the stage. “First time wearing a cap and gown,” she captioned the photo. “I’ll see you soon, NYU.”

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