“Suri Holmes, Katie Holmes’s Daughter, Sings the “Blue Moon” Cover Song in the New Film “I Let Her Do Her Thing ”.

Images by Kristina Bumphrey/StarPix/REX/Shutterstock. In this photo, Katie Holmes and her daughter Suri are seen together. Katie Holmes is in a constant state of awe of her daughter. For her latest film, Alone Together, the Dawson’s Creek alumna 43 said to Yahoo! Entertainment she wanted “the greatest level of talent,” thus her daughter Suri was brought in to help out.

In the film’s opening credits, Holmes sings a cover of “Blue Moon,” which she commissioned her 16-year-old daughter to record. “I’m always looking for the best, so I contacted her! “She’s an incredible artist. I let her do what she wanted to do, and she recorded it, “Sherlock Holmes, the film’s writer, director, and star, explains. As a general rule, “I direct like this: ‘This is what I think we all want; go do your thing.’

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Suri isn’t only working on just one project. Speaking of the film they worked on last fall, “She did sing in the film we did last fall, which is Rare Objects,” Holmes explains. Suri is having a great time participating in her mother’s ventures, but she hasn’t yet decided to pursue a singing career. ‘Apart from that, she’s a high school student,’ Holmes jokes.

Suri Holmes, Katie Holmes's Daughter, Sings the Blue Moon Cover Song in the New Film I Let Her Do Her Thing.
Suri Holmes, Katie Holmes’s Daughter, Sings the Blue Moon Cover Song in the New Film I Let Her Do Her Thing.

“Blue Moon,” Holmes says, has a special meaning for her and Suri. Inspired in part by the 1987 Diane Keaton comedy Baby Boom, Holmes wrote Alone Together. In Rob Reiner’s 2014 film And So It Goes, Keaton performs the song “Blue Moon.” Actress Katie Holmes tells Yahoo! Entertainment that Diane met her daughter when she was a year old and that it made her daughter’s performance of a classic 1934 Keaton ballad in her film a full-circle experience for Holmes, a Keaton admirer.

No one else but Suri Cruise, the actress Katie Holmes’s daughter with actor Tom Cruise, sang the song. Blue Moon’s cover is featured in her new film, Alone Together’s opening credits. Katie, who stars in the film as well as writes and directs it, penned the screenplay. Currently showing in theatres, the film will be available on VOD on July 29th.

Holmes explains to Yahoo Entertainment how the mother-daughter collaboration came to be. “I always want the highest level of talent,” she says. “What did she say? She’s an incredible artist. When she said she was going to record it, I let her do her thing, and she did exactly that. As a general rule, I direct like this: “This is what I believe we all desire; go do your thing.”

As of this writing, reports claim that Cruise pays Suri more than $33,000 a month in child support. Sources say he still has feelings for her, according to a statement made in 2019. In order to have a family with Katie, Tom never expected to be estranged from his daughter, and he is hopeful that the relationship can be repaired at some point in the future.

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