Super Mario: The Super Mario Movie Gets The Penguins

Super Mario: On Thursday, as part of a Nintendo Direct presentation, the video game company Nintendo released a brand new teaser for The Super Mario Bros. Movie. In it, we finally hear what Chris Pratt’s rendition of Mario sounds like. Still, the teaser also featured a cameo appearance from a cast of characters that were previously unfamiliar to us.

It begins with a scene depicting King Bowser and his army of Koopa Troopas facing off against a kingdom ruled by penguins. The birds put up an intense fight by throwing snowballs, but Bowser’s flames are too powerful for them to compete with. The inclusion of penguins is unexpected for several reasons, the primary one being that they were not among the essential characters in previous Mario games.

Because penguins are a recurrent element in the series, we thought it would be helpful to provide some background information about them. According to a post on the Mario Wiki, penguins made their first appearance in the Mario franchise in 1984 as playable characters in the Mario Pinball video game. But the first significant appearance, and the one that fans are most likely to remember, was in Super Mario 64.

There is a set of stages in the game called Cool, Cool Mountain that takes place in a setting patterned after mountains and features penguins in a significant role. You will interact with monstrously large bipedal birds on multiple levels across the universe. To win a Star in the “Big Penguin Race,” you must compete against another player on an ice slide.

Within the context of “Li’l Penguin Lost,” Mario is charged with assisting a mother penguin in locating her misplaced offspring. At this level, you must make your way through slick and dangerous terrain while carrying the distressed penguin. (To this day, the sound of the newborn penguins whimpering and crying still sticks in my head, and people often joke about throwing the penguin down a cliff.)

The plot of The Super Mario Bros. Movie will take a surprising turn as Mario teams up with Bowser to carry out his plan to eliminate all of the penguins. Since Mario 64, penguins have frequently appeared in subsequent Mario video games. You may remember rounding them up as part of a minigame in Super Mario Party, or you may recognize them from the slippery icebergs in the Snow Kingdom of Super Mario Odyssey.

Either way, fans of the Mario Party series may be familiar with them. Because they have made appearances in multiple Mario games, penguins are now considered a mainstay of the Mario game franchise. Of course, there are several lore questions left to our imagination.

We do not yet understand why the penguins hold a grudge toward Bowser, nor do we know how they came to control and conquer their kingdom; therefore, we will have to wait for the specifics. However, thanks to their participation in the film, these series regulars will finally have their chance to shine in the spotlight.

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