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Street Fighter 6 Release Date : Speculation, Leaks, And More

Do you want to know when Street Fighter 6 will be released? Although we’ve been aware of it for a while, the Sony State of Play event gave us the opportunity to see some Street Fighter 6 action. Although this pleased the majority of high-level players, casual players believed there was not much to keep them occupied. Street Fighter 5 received harsh criticism at launch for its lack of playable content outside of Versus mode.

To avoid making the same mistakes twice, Capcom has taken its time designing Street Fighter 6. It has a fresh single-player narrative mode that lets players explore Metro City as a bespoke combatant. Although Street Fighter 6 won’t be released until the beginning of the following year at the earliest, it is apparent that the fighting game is progressing well.


The Potential Release Date For Street Fighter 6

The release of Street Fighter 6 on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 is planned for 2023. Although an official release date hasn’t been set, based on the game’s present development, we anticipate seeing the Street Fighter 6

What Details About Street Fighter 6 Does The game’s Trailer Reveal?

Fans may see what the newest game’s visuals might look like, but no real gameplay is shown in the teaser. The Street Fighter 6 advertisement follows Capcom, a video game publisher, announcing that 10 classic games would be made accessible on June 24, 2022.

Mode of Street Fighter 6 World Tour.

Beginning in June, the Street Fighter 6 announcement trailer debuted, showcasing a variety of Metro City settings, including Abigail’s Scrap Yard, the subterranean metro system, and a nearby gym packed with fighters. Players may explore Metro City like it’s an open-world game in World Tour mode.

As of right now, we don’t know much about World Tour mode, but the Street Fighter 6 blog claims that players may “carve out your [their] own legend on the streets.” We also know that the hooded avatar prominently shown in the teaser may be customized by gamers using various Battle Hub clothes.

The main character seems to get into a fight with a stranger near the conclusion of the World Tour portion, changing the perspective to the standard fighting view. The stranger doesn’t have any of the typical character embellishments, thus they likewise seem to be a bespoke creation. Capcom claims that the World Tour mode would transcend genre classifications, so we could get to witness some side-scrolling beat ’em -up action.

Street Fighter 6 Battle Hub And Roster Leak

The primary location where players interact and communicate with one another in Street Fighter 6 is the Battle Hub. This area was briefly seen in the introduction trailer, and it appears like Capcom may be hinting at some unexpected game features. The Body Shop, which looks to be an in-game shop where players may purchase apparel for their avatars, was also shown to us.

Maximilian Dood, a well-known fighting game YouTuber, examined high-resolution images of the Battle Hub and discovered several forthcoming characters and arcade cabinets with Street Fighter themes. A screenshot of Cammy and Guile squaring off in Street Fighter 6 may be seen in the Battle Hub. A few days following this finding, Guile was formally introduced.

The arcade cabinets first appear to be filler pieces for the Battle Hub, although there is some conjecture that there may be earlier Street Fighter games playable here. There appear to be steps leading up to the “Game Center,” which contains the arcade machines, and players may wander through the Battle Hub. There are Street Fighter Alpha 2 and Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo cabinets available, which will only feed the flames.

Additionally, there is the “Event Counter,” a section designated for tournament gaming. Looking closely shows a tournament bracket with the names of new and old Street Fighter characters. This is the Event Counter logo. Check out our Street Fighter 6 roster guide to learn more about the confirmed characters.


In Street Fighter 6, Ryu Ryu’s ambition to compete against the toughest opponents worldwide is far from ending. Ryu doesn’t think his adventure is ended since he is still learning how to become a better fighter, according to the Street Fighter Twitter account. He has added  (a Buddhist robe), like the one worn by his mentor Gouken, to his customary gi.

Chun Li

Chun Li made the decision to leave her position as an ICPO agent once Shadaloo’s reign of terror was declared to be finished. As a substitute, Chun Li offers kung fu sessions during the day, making her a respected member of her neighborhood. Taking care of Li-Fen, one of the victims of the Black Moon Incident in Street Fighter 5, is another activity she engages in.


Luke briefly discusses his motivations for enlisting in the military in Street Fighter 5. In order to be like his father, who gave his life to protect people during a terrorist assault, Luke joined the Special Forces. Luke decides to quit the military after speaking with Guile because he wants to try something different. He has a new job as a contractor for a private military firm in Street Fighter 6.

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