Still No Starfield Release Date Status for PS4 or PS5! Read Why?

There is no Starfield PS5 or PS4 release date. Starfield is a contentious Xbox exclusive. Because it’s one of the most anticipated future games, many are questioning why it’s bypassing PlayStation systems totally. We’ll look at the business considerations that led to the console exclusivity below.

Why is there no Starfield PS5 or PS4 release date?

The basic reason there is no Starfield PS5 or PS4 release date is that it is an Xbox exclusive. Bethesda Game Studios, the firm behind it, is owned by Microsoft. While Bethesda Softworks has produced games for PlayStation since becoming a first-party Xbox company, we shouldn’t expect to see it very frequently in the future.

What Makes Starfield So Unique?

Starfield is Bethesda Game Studios’ first new intellectual property (IP) in nearly twenty-five years, and director Todd Howard has characterised it as “Skyrim in space.” According to Howard, the company had been dabbling with space-themed games since 1994: they had secured the rights to produce a game based on the Traveller role-playing system, but quickly lost them. Their Delta-V game from 1994 had been part of this Traveller licence but had not been completely fulfilled. The 10th Planet was a cancelled space combat game set to be released in October 1997, from which the atmosphere of Starfield was developed. In the 2000s, Howard indicated that they held Star Trek rights and offered a concept for a role-playing game based in that universe, but this did not go through.

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Why is it only available on the Xbox?

One may expect Microsoft to generate more money by selling its games on as many platforms as possible. That is not the situation here. Starfield is a system seller, and many people will purchase an Xbox console solely to play it. It’s the same concept as Sony’s exclusives, and it’s one of the few ways console manufacturers can differentiate their hardware, given how similar the PS5 and Xbox Series X are in terms of capabilities.

Fortunately, PC gamers are the main winners of this generation. Starfield is heading to Windows, and several Sony exclusives are finding their way to Steam now as well. However, the increased cost of entrance encourages many gamers to continue with a console.

The major issue is whether or not Starfield will ever be released on PS5. We doubt that a first-party Xbox Game Studio exclusive will ever find its way to PlayStation. As previously said, exclusives are the ideal method for console makers such as Sony and Microsoft to establish their businesses. They want you to link titles like Starfield with their systems. For example, when you think of Halo, you think of Xbox. For Microsoft, that’s worth much more than the extra money they’d gain from a multi-console release.

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