Square Enix And Tri-Ace Present The Latest Title In The Star Ocean RPG Series.

Journey to a Seamless World: Change between dynamic cut scenes and battles in real-time as the distinctions between the story, exploration, and battle are blurred to create a thrilling and immersive experience. A Real-Time Evolution Combat: When fighting at a distance or up close, use strong combos to activate skills that require distance.

The brand-new system makes sure that players are engrossed in the expansive expanses of distant places and the unique stories of the individuals they encounter. Use the special moves of a wide variety of playable characters by combining special attacks and switching between them at will.

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Divine Force In The Star Ocean

  • weapons for the heroes that have useful features that are used right away in the game.
  • Greatsword that will only be used by one of the protagonists: Lionheart’s Blutgand
  • Weapon (two blades) only to be used by one of the protagonists: Flashing Naglering

Bonuses For Early Purchases

  • game pieces that can be used in the Es’owa minigame. also serve as tools or equipment.
  • Obtain pawns modeled like the characters of trance’s other games, Radiata Stories and Valkyrie Chronicles!
  • A Pawn in the minigame: Lenneth (from Valkyrie Profile)
  • A Pawn in the minigame: Lezard (from Valkyrie Profile)
  • Play the minigame Jack (from Radiata Stories)
  • Ridley, mini game Pawn (from Radiata Stories)

Characters In Star Ocean The Divine Force

The main character of the game is 19-year-old Fellpool swordsman Roddick Farrence a close friend from their youth who worked as town watchmen with Millie and Dorne until being whisked away on an adventure. In the English version, he is voiced by Yuri Lowenthal, in the Japanese remake and remastered version, by Mamoru Miyano, and in the Super Famicom original and remastered version, by Hiro Yuki.
18-year-old Millie Chliette[e], a Symbology healer with staff from Fellpool, has been Roddick’s lifelong companion and romantic interest. In the English version, she is voiced by Katie Leigh, in the Japanese remake and remastered version by Hitomi Nabatame, and in the Super Famicom original and remastered version by Konami Yoshida.

The 38-year-old human captain of the spacecraft Calanus, Ronyx J. Kenny[f], has abandoned his phaser armament in favor of a bow and arrows. He is the father of Star Ocean: The Second Story’s lead character, Claude C. Kenny. In the English version, he is voiced by Sam Gold, in the Japanese remake and remastered version by Kenji Hamada, and in the Super Famicom original and remastered version by Akira Okamori.

You can soar through the largest environment ever while moving in three dimensions. You’ll have more freedom when it comes to adventuring and fighting, whether you’re flying around and exploring the city’s rockfaces and roofs or leaping off cliffs to enter combat.

The game allows you to play however you like, but the scale of its combat has also changed. Characters have ultra high-speed mobility attacks, special skills that let them temporarily disappear from in front of their foes’ sight, and a skill that can instantly kill an enemy!

The battles in this game will be difficult yet exciting, and they may be enjoyed while flying around freely. Sea of Stars A city can be seen in the Divine Force screenshot background with texture.


The action of the game begins in the sleepy hamlet of Kratos on the undeveloped planet of Roak in the year S.D. 346 (A.D. 2432).  There, Roddick, Millie, and Dorne, three young Fellpool (cat-like people) residents, serve as members of the community’s “Defense Force,” which protects the hamlet against insignificant dangers like thieves and robbers.  But one day, Cole, a nearby town, begins to experience a dreadful sickness that turns people into stone.

After Millie’s father, the local healer, develops the illness while attempting to treat it, the gang heads to Mount Metorx in pursuit of a herb that is said to be able to heal any disease.  After contacting an infectious pigeon, Dorne unwittingly gets sick as well.

They are met by Ronyx J. Kenny and Ilia Silvestri, two crew members of the Earth Federation (Terran Alliance in the PSP remake) spaceship Calanus, when they arrive at the summit.  They let them know that a hostile alien civilization known as the Lezonians—with whom the Earth Federation has been at war—sent the sickness to the planet. To assist them in their search for a cure, Roddick and Millie board their spacecraft with them. They discover that Fellpool blood may be utilized to manufacture a unique, invisible substance that could provide them a significant tactical edge. When Lezonians are encountered, they confess that they were coerced into going to war by an unidentified, extremely powerful outsider who despises the Federation.

They try Dorne to find a cure before he completely succumbs to the illness. They came to the conclusion that the only effective method of combating it would be to create a vaccine using the disease’s original source. While the virus may be traced back to Roak, its source is Asmodeus, the King of the Demon World, who was assassinated 300 years before the sickness started to spread. The party agrees to use a Time Gate on the Planet Styx to travel 300 years in the past to find Asmodeus while he was still alive after Ronyx persuades them to do so.

While doing this, Ilia stumbles as she approaches the gate. As a result, Ilia and Roddick enter the time gate after a delay, and after traveling through time, they discover that they are apart from Ronyx and Millie. In an effort to heal their family members and put an end to the battle, the two factions coordinate their searches for one another and Asmodeus.

Game Play

Top-down gameplay is used in the role-playing video game Star Ocean. A character is controlled by the player as they travel across the game’s universe, visiting towns and dungeons and interacting with other characters. The PlayStation Portable version contains a globe map for the player to explore, unlike the original game.

Up to eight more characters can be recruited as the player advances through the game to travel with the main character; some recruitments occur automatically, while others depend on the player’s prior choices and actions.

Although ten characters are eligible for recruitment, only eight characters can be hired in a playthrough, so not all of the characters can be hired during one game session.  Unless the player’s party is a certain size or the player has made a certain number of story decisions, certain people cannot be recruited.  Players can choose to add characters to their party in First Departure who they had not previously been able to do so.

Random battles take place when players advance their party through the game’s dungeons and routes. Combat is carried out from a 3D isometric vantage point. The battles don’t take place in turns as they do in Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest games; instead, they happen in real-time. Players do not directly control all of their characters’ actions; instead, all but one of them choose battle strategies in advance, moving and engaging their nearest foe on their own.

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