Discord Not Showing Spotify: Why Is Discord Not Showing My Spotify?

Popular VOIP network Discord, created especially for specialized communities, enables talking as well as digital distribution and other features. The website was initially created for gamers, but as other communities and groups have saturated the site, that has altered. On Discord, there are a lot more capabilities available than just sending plain text or voice messages, like dedicated channels and custom servers with tonnes of customizations and integrations.

Discord’s ability to be connected to many programs is only one example of how versatile it is. You may connect your Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, and Steam accounts to your Discord account with this function. You can now perform a tonne of fantastic stuff on Discord as a result.

Why Is Discord Not Showing My Spotify?

To enable this option on your phone as well, navigate to Settings Device Broadcast Status in the Spotify app for Android.

9 Ways to Fix Spotify Not Showing as Status on Discord

Playing games on Discord is even more enjoyable than listening to music on Spotify. What if, however, music and gaming were presented on the same dish? There probably won’t be a greater meal to enjoy. Both Spotify and Discord excel in their respective industries. The other is a perfect venue for music fans, whilst the first is used as a communication tool for gamers from all over the world. It’s like a match made in heaven when they both get together.

A few years ago, Discord and Spotify collaborated to provide the greatest online experience for Discord users. However, occasionally this experience might be damaged if the two apps’ integration does not go as planned. One such instance is when your Discord account’s “listening to Spotify” status is hidden. Since the status appears pretty spectacular on your account, this can be rather annoying. But don’t worry, you’re covered by us. This article covers all of the solutions to Spotify not showing as status on Discord problem.

1. Connect Spotify and Discord properly

Your failure to link both apps in the first place is the primary cause of your failure to see the “listening to Spotify” status on your Discord account. Here’s how to integrate both programs so they can run at once.

On your PC, launch the Discord app, and then click the settings icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. When using Discord on a mobile device, select the profile symbol from the menu at the bottom of the screen.

Then click the Connections menu item under USER SETTINGS.

All the apps that Discord supports for integration are listed here under the CONNECT YOUR ACCOUNT option. You must select the Add option in the Discord mobile app in order to see these apps.

From the list, choose the Spotify application. You will be taken to the official Spotify website after clicking it, where you must sign in to your account and permit  Discord to connect with your Spotify.

Once it’s finished, both applications will be connected, and your Discord will display your Spotify listening status.
If you haven’t previously, turn on all the Spotify-related settings that are displayed on the screen.

2. Disable the currently running game

Discord also displays the name of the game you are presently playing in addition to your Spotify activity. However, there may be situations when this setting clashes with Spotify’s enabled settings. You can attempt to turn off the game setting that is now active in order to resolve the status issue.

Select the Activity Status option under the ACTIVITY SETTINGS header in the Discord settings on your computer or mobile device. Turn off this button that says “Display current activity as a status message” by clicking it. In order to see the listening status presently, try playing any song on Spotify. Please be aware that turning off the activity status function will conceal your game state and prevent others from seeing it.

Discord Not Showing Spotify: Why Is Discord Not Showing My Spotify?
Discord Not Showing Spotify: Why Is Discord Not Showing My Spotify?

3. Relink Spotify with Discord

Technical problems can occasionally cause the Spotify and Discord connection to fail. You need to establish a relink to correct this. You may view the greatest illustration of this after changing the password for your Spotify account.

4. Delete Discord and Spotify cache

One of the main causes of unexpected app issues for users is the cache. There is only one way to fix the problem if the app cache is the root of all the issues, and that is to empty the app cache. How to do this on Windows, mobile devices, and browsers is covered here.

5. Reinstall Discord and Spotify apps

Reinstalling the software is one trick that can resolve all minor difficulties like this one. Try reinstalling the Discord app if none of the options mentioned above don’t work for you. Before reinstalling the software, you must first uninstall it. You can carry out this action via your PC’s control panel.

6. Force stop Discord and Spotify

Sometimes, forcing the programs to close can be advantageous. The functionalities may not all stop operating in the background when you close the app as you normally do, leading to minor difficulties. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ESCAPE to bring up the taskbar on your computer. All of the apps will be visible operating in the background. Click on End task after selecting Spotify and Discord. The option to force stop the program is located in the App Info settings if you are using Android.

7. Update both apps to the latest version

It’s common knowledge that older program versions sometimes introduce unforeseen issues. However, you may eliminate all the issues by just updating the program to its most recent versions, which will cause the apps to function correctly. The Spotify status is probably going to appear on Discord after updating both Spotify and Discord.

8. Enable device broadcast status

You need to use this strategy if you use Spotify and Discord on your smartphone. When the device’s broadcast status setting is turned on, other apps can obtain information about what is happening in Spotify.

9. Enable Spotify status settings

You can activate or disable showing Spotify as your status on your Discord profile via a setting. This setting is automatically enabled when you link your Spotify account to Discord. You might not be able to check Spotify listening status on your Discord because it has been deactivated in some way.

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