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Sony To Buy Mobile Game Developer In Push Beyond Consoles

Reuters, August 29, Tokyo – In a big effort by the Japanese conglomerate to expand beyond console gaming, Sony Group Corp (6758.T) said on Monday that it will pay an undisclosed sum to purchase the mobile games company Savage Game Studios, which has offices in Helsinki and Berlin.

Jim Ryan, head of gaming at Sony, announced intentions in May to significantly expand the company’s game portfolio beyond the PlayStation 5 platform and its emphasis on single-player games by releasing additional titles on PC and mobile.

Sony stated in a statement that Savage Game Studios, which was founded two years ago and is developing a live-service action game for mobile, will join a new mobile subsidiary of PlayStation Studios. By embracing new platforms, the entertainment behemoth seeks to increase consumer spending on games while fending against technical developments that are reducing the grip on cumbersome gear.

The CEO of PlayStation Studios, Hermen Hulst, stated that “PlayStation Studios must continue to grow and broaden our offering beyond the console, bringing fantastic new games to more people than ever before.” Due to pressure from a stronger currency, Sony last week announced a price increase in numerous areas as it struggles to satisfy the demand for PS5 systems amid supply chain bottlenecks.

Sony has established the PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, a separate organization from its console game production, as part of its entry into the mobile gaming market. The new team will create mobile games for PlayStation Studios utilizing both new PlayStation IPs and current IPs, according to a press statement.

The newly established PlayStation Studios Mobile branch, which manages mobile games and is divided from its console teams, will incorporate Savage Game Studios.


Why Did Sony Create The Mobile Division Of PlayStation Studios?

As part of a significant effort to go beyond consoles, Sony established a specialized PlayStation mobile gaming division. On Monday, the Japanese gaming behemoth unveiled PlayStation Studios Mobile Division, claiming it will function independently of the console market. Savage Game Studios, a mobile game company with offices in Helsinki and Berlin, was also bought, according to Sony on Monday.

Does Sony Intend To Expand Outside The Console Market?

Thanks to the PlayStation, Sony has controlled the console industry for a while. However, the business is currently attempting to diversify. The Japanese gaming juggernaut said this year that it will distribute around 50% of games on PC and mobile by 2025, an increase from the current quarter.

Sony has declared the inclusion of. As with many other gaming companies, Sony has made a number of acquisitions in the past year, including the $3.6 billion purchase of Bungie and the addition of Haven Studios to Sony’s roster in early 2022. Bungie will continue to operate as a publisher and developer across multiple platforms under the PlayStation brand, though.

Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Santa Monica Studio, Media Molecule, and Guerrilla Games are just a few of the first-party game development studios that the global conglomerate Sony Group Corporations will use as its umbrella organization. PlayStation Productions will also be used to trademark games created by studios that Sony hired on a work-for-hire basis.

Savage Game Studios

As part of a significant push by the Japanese conglomerate outside of console gaming, Sony said on Monday that it will purchase mobile games company Savage Game Studios, with offices in Helsinki and Berlin, for an undisclosed sum.

The newly founded mobile subsidiary of PlayStation Studios will leverage already released games and produce ports for new original products, although operating independently. Savage Game Studios, a mobile game developer, will therefore be a member of PlayStation Studios’ new Mobile Division, which will operate separately from Sony Interactive Entertainment’s other development initiative and create fresh experiences based on PlayStation brands.

What Does Savage Game Studios’ Purchase By Sony mean?

Reuters, August 29, Tokyo – As part of a significant push by the Japanese conglomerate outside of console gaming, Savage Game Studios, a mobile games company with offices in Helsinki and Berlin, will be purchased by Sony Group Corp 6758.T on Monday for an undisclosed sum.

It looks like PlayStation does not intend to only have a few established titles on the lineup for its mobile games since the mobile-focused company is already working on a new AAA live-service action mobile title that has not yet been revealed. As Sony intends to actively grow its new business, we see Savage Game Studios as the first of numerous mobile-focused acquisitions that Sony makes, platform holders.

There won’t be any structural changes, according to Sony, even though the Savage Game Studios crew will join PlayStation Studios Mobile. Instead, the company’s leadership will continue to oversee Savage Game Studios’ daily operations.

In May 2019, PlayStation unveiled PlayStation Productions, a production firm that aims to use the corporation’s enormous catalog of video games for movies and television. They’ll have a significant role in the future as well, as PlayStation has revealed that a Netflix TV program based on Horizon is in the early stages of development, while an Amazon Prime Video TV adaptation of God of War has been actively in development.

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