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Sofia Vergara Bares Her Behind in a Leopard-Print Swimsuit (Latest News)

Sofia Vergara Bares

Sofia Vergara Bares

She’s 49, and she’s got that body. When Sofia Vergara, 49, the Colombian beauty, posted a photo of herself on Saturday, everyone’s jaws dropped. Sofia Vergara’s hourglass figure has taken the internet by storm. The Modern Family actress has always been known for having perfect proportions. It’s no laughing matter that you’re 49 and still looking that good. It’s no surprise that Sofia Vergara is still the sexiest woman in the country.


Sofia Vergara in a Leopard-Print Swimsuit

Sofia Vergara made it possible for the summer to get hotter. This high-cut Dolce and Gabbana bathing suit was featured in numerous of her Instagram posts. The oversized black Foster Grant sunglasses are the perfect finishing touch to this stylish ensemble. Sofia Vergara looked stunning in the racy backless and thong-style cut. In fact, she looked stunning in this leopard print bathing suit.

Sofia Vergara Bares

As expected, she caused a stir on Instagram. Over 700,000 people liked Sofia Vergara’s photo on Instagram.

A former Modern Family cast member, Sarah Hyland, exclaimed, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?”

And Sofia Vergara, who is maturing like a fine wine, has truly become the ideal.

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Sofia Vergara’s Fitness Game

Sofia Vergara is obsessed with staying in shape. Jennifer Yates, a fitness trainer for America’s Got Talent judge Simon Cowell, told Marie Claire magazine in 2017: She prefers to walk at a steep angle when she’s out and about. “She doesn’t like to run,” Yates said. Her preferred method of exercise is to walk at a steep incline for 15 minutes at a time.

The star, on the other hand, is always on time and never misses a rehearsal. She continues to work out seven days a week, even at the age of 49. Sofia Vergara is obsessed with her curves and works hard to keep them in check. Additionally, Yate said, “Sofia wants to build muscle and have that look—she like curves,” “She’ll spin to get cardio in, but walking is effective for her.”

Julio Cruz, a highly-skilled trainer, also assisted Sofia in her quest to achieve the perfect booty. In addition, to reverse lunges and toe-out squats, he also recommended high bridges as an effective way to increase her heart rate and burn more calories.

Pilates-style workouts, on the other hand, are also a part of the routine. As Yates put it, “bodybuilding morphed into Pilates,” which is what she does.

Megaformer workouts are also part of her routine. As Yate continued to explain, “She loves working the butt,” “We do a lot of squats and deadlifts and lunges, and we also do a lot of things off the machine. In order to add some mass to her lower body, we’ve been combining heavier weights with kettlebells, so we’ve been working out a lot lately. She’s got a lot of grit.”

In spite of her fondness for sugary treats, the actress maintains a strict “everything in moderation” eating regimen.

Sofia once told her husband Joe Manganiello about a meal she had with him. In addition to plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, “we also prepare our meals using only the best quality meats,” he said. “Also, I enjoy ice cream and dessert on the weekends, and we do that as a family.”

There is no substitute for following Sofia Vergara’s regimen to achieve her level of physical fitness.

Is Her Toned Figure Due to Her Next Series?

Griselda, Netflix’s new limited series, is said to feature Sofia Vergara. In the series, Griselda Blanco, a Colombian drug kingpin, will be depicted as a notorious woman. Cocaine Godmother and Black Widow were two of her many monikers. Even so, we know Sofia has the body of her dreams because she wished for it.

There will never be a better time to admire Colombian women than now. Follow us on for the latest news and information.

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