Smokey Robinson Age: The Singer Talks About Retirement And Says It Did Not Work For Him

Smokey Robinson who is also known as William Smokey Robinson Jr. is a well-known singer and songwriter in the american music industry.In addition to this he is also a widely recognised record producer and record executive director. Initially when he started his career, he was the chief songwriter of a group called The Miracles. However he announced his retirement in 1972. But he couldn’t stay without work so he came to music as a solo artist in 1973. In this article we will discuss everything we know about Smokey Robinson Age.


Smokey Robinson Age

On February 19, 1940, William “Smokey” Robinson Jr. was born in Detroit, Michigan. He is currently 82 years old. William was born into a low-income family in Detroit’s North End, where his uncle Claude gave him the nickname “Smokey.” Claude introduced William to the world of cowboy cinema, and finally gave him the “cowboy name” of “Smokey Joe.” At that point, little William began introducing himself as Smokey Joe instead of his own name, William. The name “Joe” was ditched in favour of “Smokey” eventually.

When Smokey was a senior in high school, he formed a doo-wop band named the Five Chimes. Robinson listened to a wide range of performers on the radio as a kid since he loved music so much. Among these were Nolan Strong and the Diablos, Billy Ward and his Dominoes, and many others. Later on, his doo-wop band changed their name to the Matadors.

Smokey Robinson Age
Smokey Robinson Age

Smokey Robinson Says I Tried That Once And It Didn’t Work For Me

Although Smokey Robinson has been making music for decades, he has not yet reached the end of his career. Robinson, 82, and Berry Gordy, 93, were honoured as MusiCares Persons of the Year during a gala before the 2023 Grammy Awards. You can also check Marc Anthony Age.

Robinson has confirmed to news outlets that he has no plans to retire anytime soon. He stated to news reporters, “I don’t plan on it anytime soon. You know I tried that once. And it didn’t work for me. So here I am.”

In 1972, while working as Motown’s vice president, Robinson took a break from his job to focus on raising his children with his then-wife, Claudette. A year later, in 1973, Robinson would return with the critically acclaimed album Smoky.

Robinson claims that being named one of MusiCares’ Persons of the Year alongside Gordy is an honour beyond the two men’s wildest dreams. Have a look at Ruby Stokes Age.

“Berry and I talk about that all the time. We never dared to dream that it would become what it has become around the world,” he shared of the musical impact of Motown.

“We were just setting out to make some good music for everybody, and hope people enjoy it. And that was our purpose,” he said. “But for it to become what it has become, is beyond both of our wildest imaginations.”

Robinson was overjoyed to be a part of the Grammys’ magical weekend, which gave him the chance to celebrate his award and mingle with other Hollywood heavy hitters at Clive Davis‘ notorious Pre-Grammy Gala.

“The party is in honor of an icon,” he told news reporters. “You know Clive Davis is a musical icon. He always has great parties, we come all the time. And you get the chance to see people you haven’t seen in a long time, ‘cause everybody’s here,” he explained. “Show business is a small community. And everybody knows everybody. So it’s beautiful in that light,” he added. Possibly of interest to you Vince Mattis Age.

Singers like Smokey Robinson, and Chris Stapleton Move the 2023 Grammys To A Higher Level

At the Grammys, Stevie Wonder collaborated with Smokey Robinson, another Motown great, and country music’s Chris Stapleton.

Billy Crystal, who paid tribute to his iconic producer uncle, Milt Gabler, introduced Wonder. He led the crowd through “The Way You Do the Things You Do” by the Temptations, accompanied by WanMor. After that, Robinson joined the performance of “Tears of a Clown,” a song he had co-written with Stevie Wonder and Hank Cosby in 1967.

Stapleton joined the final song, “Higher Ground,” wearing a cowboy hat with a turquoise stone. They ended on a high note, with Stapleton shredding on guitar while everyone from Shania Twain to Chris Martin danced in the crowd. Possibly of interest to you Jadyn Jannasch Age.

After being named one of two 2023 MusiCares Persons of the Year (together with Motown’s Berry Gordy), Robinson’s performance rounded off an impressive Grammy weekend. On Friday, February 3, a special tribute concert was held to honour the couple. John Legend, the Isley Brothers, Michael McDonald, Brandi Carlile, Dionne Warwick, Sheryl Crow, Chloe x Halle, and other artists performed.

Robinson has also just revealed that his first album of new songs since 2009, titled Gasms will be released on April 28. So far, we’ve only heard “If We Don’t Have Each Other” from the next album, which was released by the artist.

This year, Stapleton was nominated for only one Grammy: Best Country Song for “I’ll Love You Till the Day I Die,” a song he wrote with Willie Nelson. Wonder, on the other hand, has won a grand total of 25 Grammys, the most recent of which was awarded in 2007 for his performance of “For Once in My Life” with Tony Bennett and was deemed the Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals.

To sum up, it is clear that we have talked about Smokey Robinson Age. The American singer has received numerous awards and accolades in his name including the Grammy Award. If you would like to know more content, please visit our website

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