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In 2022, Ubisoft will finally release its MMO pirate game. Here is the precise Skull & Bones release date, including whether it will be available only on the Epic Games Store. Since Skull & Bones’ official announcement in June 2017, a lot has transpired in that time.

It’s still an online-focused open-world game, but it now draws more inspiration from survival games like Raft and Rare’s Sea of Thieves. The complete PCGamesN reviews of the new gameplay and features can be seen here, but when will Skull & Bones be released and will it be available just on the Epic Games Store?

Bones & Skulls

Be surprised, my friends! The release date for Ubisoft’s live-service pirate game, Skull & Bones, has been set for 2022. You can play Skull & Bones in November, but it won’t be available on Steam. It is now more of a survival game than an Assassin’s Creed IV knockoff.

What Are The Skull And Bones Release Date?

According to a Ubisoft spokesman who spoke with PCGamesN, Skull & Bones will be released on PC on November 8, 2022, and is accessible through the Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Connect. It won’t be originally accessible on Steam, just like The Division 2, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and many other recent Ubisoft titles.

Skull & Bones is a live-service game, according to Ubisoft, and the company plans to provide post-launch support “for years to come,” with all of the seasonal content being free “save for some cosmetics items.” New in-game activities like “larger and deadlier” ship challenges and themed LTEs with ships, furnishings, etc. are included in the free DLC.

Skull & Bones Gameplay

Here are our thoughts on the latest Skull & Bones gameplay, which is the first fresh footage of the game in a number of years. The first new Skull and Bones gameplay since 2018 has finally revealed how Ubisoft’s live-service pirate game is shaping up. As some may have thought, it’s also considerably more of a survival game, with influences from Rare’s Sea of Thieves.

While Skull & Bones is still recognizable, a lot has changed as well — hopefully for the better, as PCGamesN had the opportunity to see. The biggest distinction is that Ubisoft now places a strong emphasis on Skull & Bones as a survival gaming experience. The only real equipment the player has when they begin the game is a tiny boat and a spear to ward off creatures.

The strongest impact from Sea of Thieves is arguably seen when players arrive in Sainte-Anne, a secure “pirate hideout” or outpost that they may explore on foot. Players may interact with other players, manufacture ships and equipment, purchase various provisions, chat to various NPCs to obtain missions and contracts, and more here.

In Skull & Bones, XP is known as “Infamy,” and obtaining it is the main objective for players. The better contracts that players have access to increase with their level of notoriety, allowing them to acquire better blueprints for creating more sophisticated ships and equipment.

One of the risks of being out on open water is that it makes them a greater target for NPC Privateer pirate hunters. Like we’ve said before, you can’t leave your ship once you’ve boarded it until you arrive at a pirate den. Although the ship fighting and sailing have a lot in common with Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, your NPC crew is responsible for all ship boardings and outpost raids. However, you must monitor your ship’s morale because mutiny is a possibility if you don’t.

Skull & Bones is still primarily a multiplayer game, even though Ubisoft affirms that every aspect of the game may be played alone. On separate servers, PvP is opt-in, however, there are co-op gaming team-up options for undertaking missions or engaging in combat. In addition, if something happens to your spacecraft, your character will spawn at a nearby outpost but your prized cargo will be left behind, making it easier for another player to take advantage of you.

The option to customize your character and ship is still accessible, and it appears to go a bit further than simply transforming your ship into a bouncy, barnacle-covered beauty. Similar to Starfield, everything comes at a cost. For example, if you design a vessel with the most powerful guns, you won’t be able to move or maneuver it well.

Skull And Bones Has Pets, Including Pirate Cats

The major re-reveal of Ubisoft’s open-sea pirate game reveals a number of new features, such that it effectively combines Raft and Sea of Thieves, but PCGamesN can confirm the finest one yet – Skull and Bones pets, incorporated in ship customizing, such as beautiful pirate kitty kittens.

A player’s Skull and Bones ship may be customized in many ways, from functional features like cargo space and weaponry to aesthetically pleasing elements like furnishings and cooler mastheads. The player character is accompanied by a cute lemur as they navigate the ship, as those who watched the gameplay reveal for Skull and Bones may have observed. A cat was also present.

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