Sinister Fishing Adventure Game Dredge Set For 2023 PS5, PS4

Today we are going to talk about Sinister Fishing Game Dredge Set For 2023 PS5, PS4 Release, which will be available in 2023 for consoles and personal computers, is being developed by the New Zealand studio Black Salt Games and will be released by Team17. The game is being marketed as a “fishing adventure” with a sinister undercurrent.

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It has been reported that Dredge, a fishing adventure game where you command a fish trawler through some rather dangerous waters, will arrive on the PS5 and PS4 sometime in 2023.

To deliver DREDGE, a planned single-player fishing adventure with a dark undercurrent, to PC, Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S platforms in 2023, Team17 and New Zealand-based developer Black Salt Games have today established a publishing collaboration.

Players will assume the role of a down-on-his-luck fisherman in DREDGE and explore a group of isolated isles while searching the surrounding depths for a variety of fish and priceless deep-sea artifacts. As they complete tasks and learn more about each location, they may sell their catch to the odd inhabitants when their trawler is fully loaded. Additionally, they can improve their boat, abilities, and expertise to dredge farther and reach more remote areas. beginning on the remote islands of ‘The,’ their new home

In Dredge, you will go to the Marrows, a secluded archipelago of islands that presents adventurous captains with prosperous prospects. Engage in tasks, equip your ship to carry heavier loads, and stay away from the various hazards you may encounter, such as rocks and fog as well as powerful sea creatures and the depths of your own psyche.

How do you feel about Dredge? This can only be a positive thing because it makes us think of how fantastic The Lighthouse was and seems to draw some influence from Sunless Sea. Prepare to enter the comments section

Sinister Fishing Game Dredge Set For 2023 PS5, PS4 Release


Dredge is a narrative-driven, single-player video game in which you play the role of a fisherman who has fallen on hard times. The game tasks you with exploring a number of isolated islands while hunting for fish and other curiosities to be found in the ocean’s depths.

As soon as your fishing boat is full, you’ll be able to sell your catch to the odd residents of the area while simultaneously completing missions and discovering hidden information. You can then invest your earnings in the improvement of your trawler by conducting research on unique pieces of apparatus and acquiring new upgrades.

Additionally, you will be able to learn new abilities and information that will enable you to travel to more remote regions, where you will be able to dig even deeper. The more upgrades you make to your boat, the greater the variety of rare fish you’ll be able to reel in and the greater the chance you’ll have of encountering locals on the islands that make up ‘The Marrows.’

In 2023, Dredge will be available on the Playstation5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and personal computers to explore the depths of the ocean. Watch the video below to see the announcement teaser. We hope you have found all the relevant information about Sinister Fishing Game Dredge Set For 2023 PS5, PS4 Release. If you need the latest information regarding this topic then stay tuned with us here. Because we update our website on regular basis.

DREDGE Key Features

  • Unravel a Mystery: Captain your fishing trawler across a collection of remote islands, each with its own inhabitants to meet, wildlife to discover, and stories to unearth.
  • Dredge the Depths: Scour the sea for hidden treasures and complete quests to gain access to strange new abilities.  
  • Study Your Craft: Research special equipment and upgrade your boat’s capabilities to gain access to rare fish and valuable deep-sea curios.  
  • Fish to Survive: Sell your discoveries to the locals to learn more about each area, and upgrade your boat to reach even more secluded locations.  
  • Fight the Unfathomable: Strengthen your mind and use special abilities to survive trips out on the water after dark. 

DREDGE is being developed by Black Salt Games.

A significant portion of the action in Dredge will center on searching the oceans for undiscovered treasures in addition to going toe-to-toe, or ship-to-tentacle, with the animals of the deep. It will also be essential to catch a broad range of uncommon fish in order to survive and trade. As they interact with the locals, players will be able to access a variety of stories. Additionally, understanding their fishing technique will be crucial. Players will be able to make critical improvements to their ships by researching several sorts of special equipment. This, considering the strange and terrifying animals that seem to be waiting in the waters below, is certainly a smart course of action.


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