Silent Hills Alteration! Is Modder Turned Between Into A Silent Hill-like Nightmare?

Silent Hills: A remake of Silent Hills has been the subject of rumors for some time, but it would appear that those rumors are beginning to get more and more momentum. According to the proverb, “there’s no smoke without fire,” thus it seems like a reasonable bet that Konami has something cooking in the background now.

Continue reading for the most up-to-date information currently accessible in 2022 if you are interested in the most recent news and updates on the status of a Silent Hill remake. A release date has been set for the upcoming first-person Survival Horror Video Game Scorn, developed by the Serbian studio Ebb Software. It will be accessible through Xbox Game Pass as soon as it is released to the public.


Silent Hill Remake Leaks

When credible news outlets like VGC News and Jeff Grubb report on the possibility of a remake for Silent Hill, it is much more difficult to ignore the rumors and leaks circulating about the game. This is because it is easier to dismiss information from less reliable sources.

After the developer of The Medium, Bloober Team stated that they were working on an existing horror I.P. from “a very famous gaming publisher,” VGC was the first to report the news in early 2021, speculating that the studio was possibly developing a new Silent Hill after they stated that they were working on an existing horror I.P. from The Medium. More recently, VGC has reaffirmed that many Silent Hill games are now being developed simultaneously at studios located all over the world.

According to reports, this will involve “a remake, full sequel, and story-focused episodic series.” The information was published approximately the same time as several concept images for a new Silent Hill game were discovered online.

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Korea Has Rated An Unknown Silent Hill Game!

The publisher was UNIANA, which published Konami’s eFootball 2023. The Short Message could be a new Silent Hill game, a teaser, a spin-off, or a mobile game. UNIANA’s arcade cabinets suggest a unique Silent Hill arcade experience. Silent Hill was launched for P.S. One in 1999 and recounted the narrative of Harry Mason, a man seeking his lost adopted daughter.

The survival horror spawned many sequels and spin-offs. Fans have been waiting ten years for full games. P.T. was the last official trailer we saw in 2014 for Hideo Kojima’s canceled Silent Hills. Leaks and rumors point to numerous new Silent Hill games. It’s unknown if Silent Hill: The Short Message is involved. Silent Hill fans may have good news to look forward to. Silent Hill has eight mainline games, from 1999’s Silent Hill through 2012’s Silent Hill: Downpour.

Morgott Is Defeated, And The Curse Is Lifted

In The Lands Between, almost everyone leads a miserable existence due to the harsh conditions of their environment. Either because the horrific, nightmarish animals that surround them are them or because they are the horrible, nightmarish creatures that surround them. Since both options have some negative aspects, it is difficult to say which one is the more problematic option.

On the other hand, it would appear that they get some much-needed rest after death. Given that he was doomed to live under a curse, Morgott, the Omen King, probably didn’t have the best existence. When we first encounter him, he resembles many of the other Great Rune holders in that he has horns that protrude painfully from his head and is of considerable size.

On the other hand, some players have reported that after Morgott is defeated, his body shrinks down and takes on a more typical appearance. The curse he brought with him may be lifted now that he is dead because all his horns have been removed. Beacon Pines may not be as safe as it first appears. Beacon Pines, A Hybrid Of Winnie-the-Pooh and “Stranger Things” took a small team of three-five years to create. The upcoming Xbox One and Game Pass narrative game Fellow Traveller follows Luka on his journey.

Silent Hills

Modder Turned Between Into A Silent Hill-like Nightmare

This mod can only be understood by masochists, as there is no other rationale for its existence. Although there is plenty of jumps scares and scary hand creatures in Elden Ring to keep you on your toes — not to mention sword-wielding ravens — modders still can’t get enough of the game. Therefore, they consistently find new methods to make things worse and add more fuel to the fire of their nightmares.

How exactly did they succeed in doing that this time? They made a modification for Elden Ring that was, naturally, influenced by Silent Hill. Matt Gruen, a modder, and LilAggy, a Twitch streamer, worked together to develop a unique modification that the latter might employ during one of his broadcasts. “I converted Elden Ring into a HORROR GAME by putting the Consecrated Snowfield blizzard effect EVERYWHERE, turning off the HUD, and randomizing the monsters so that you never know what’s coming,” said LilAggy. “You never know what’s going to come next.”

Fans Discuss The Most Meaningful Messages

In The Lands Between, we have all had the experience of meeting canines. You know, the kinds of creatures that are green in color, stand about a foot tall, and have a tough shells on their backs? One of them is enormous and wears a headgear similar to the Pope. However, if you don’t recognize them, don’t worry about it since helpful Tarnished has used the game’s messaging system to draw your attention to them.

The participants gathered to talk about some of the most inspiring messages they had seen. This featured things like “Try throwing Elden Ring” near the rock that overlooked a lava lake, referring to The Lord of the Rings, or “Tries mushroom, then sage” beside a cooking kettle. Both of these were located in the same area. And the timeless expression, “Try your finger in the hole,” should not be forgotten.

Silent Hill Release Date

Since the remake of Silent Hill has not yet been formally revealed, there is currently no information regarding when it will be made available to the public. However, it is essential to remember that any such remake could still be entirely sometime in the future. As was previously revealed by VGC, Konami has been actively discussing the possibility of reviving the Silent Hill I.P. with several different studios.

One of the concepts was rumored to have been conceived as a “more compact, episodic series of short stories ” VGC also stated that Until Dawn developer Supermassive had been involved in discussions for such a project, which finally evolved into the games that Dark Pictures developed.

Assuming that Konami was planning a fantastic revival of the franchise, if they are aiming to start with multiple smaller episodic short stories,’ then a real mainline Silent Hill Remake could be quite some time away from being released.


Have you ever pondered the steps that a specific individual took to advance in their career to the point that they are now a manager? It happens to some people, especially the ones that nobody likes, that they fail upwards. Consider Mohg as an illustration. He is a parasite that feeds on blood, and even his people despise him.

However, as the course of events would have it, he was elevated from the status of nameless foe to that of Shardbearer at some point during the process of Elden Ring’s construction. We are aware of this due to the datamining efforts put forward by none other than Zullie the Witch.

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