Official Announcement Of Silent Hill Release Date, Supported Platforms And Much More!

Silent Hill Release Date: Once thought to be dead, the Silent Hill video game series is returning. After the cancellation of Silent Hills P.T., Konami has been relatively mum about what the future holds for the acclaimed series. However, a new website for the survival horror franchise was just released, and the publisher has confirmed that the next Silent Hill (SH) Transmission will take place on October 19, 2022.

The announcement follows rumors and leaks about the show’s revival or a possible remake. A lot of people have made assumptions and written articles regarding the SH series this year. Several sources online claim that Konami has plans to reboot the beloved horror series by outsourcing various development tasks to several developers.

According to hearsay, both a remake of Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: The Short Message is currently in production. These speculations suggest that Bloober Team is working on a new version of Silent Hill 2, a critically acclaimed psychological horror game. Numerous alleged recreation of SH 2 pictures have been leaked recently.

Silent Hill Release Date
Silent Hill Release Date

The Short Message, an unannounced SH project, became known to fans after this because of the assistance of a South Korean rating board. Moreover, film director Christophe Gans claims that Team Silent is hard at work on other Silent Hill projects that will revitalize the genre. In the wake of recent events, Konami has announced the return of SH and announced that an SH Transmission will take place on Wednesday, October 19 at 2:00 pm PDT.

New updates to the survival horror franchise and their possible release dates will be discussed during the forthcoming SH presentation. A new SH webpage, along with the announcement and the new logo for the franchise, can be seen on Konami’s website. The comment was retweeted by Masahiro Ito, who was the Art Director for Team Silent from 1999 to 2007, lending credence to Christophe Gans’ claims that other teams were involved in the announcement on Wednesday. You may also read The Witcher 3 PS5

It’s possible that the franchise’s revival isn’t the only throwback idea Konami has in the works. The SH series is notorious for featuring some of the most horrific monsters ever programmed into a video game. There hasn’t been a proper release of the series in quite some time, but many SH projects are apparently under production right now.

This raises hopes that further scary games may be added to the series in the future. A possible exclusivity agreement for the SH series has been brought up due to the series’ past successful collaboration with PlayStation.

All the SH rumors and leaks that have appeared over the past year have revolved around the PS5 exclusive deal. This week’s SH Transmission on Wednesday could be a teaser for additional SH details to come during a made-up PlayStation Showcase.

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