Serita Jakes’s Illness: Update On Illness And Weight Loss!

After Her Weight Update, Serita Jakes’s Fans Are Concerned That She May Be Ill. Is It Real?

American motivational speaker Serita is also the proprietor of the Serita Jakes Home Collection. She is well known for being TD Jakes’s life companion.

However, because of her prior medical issues, her health is what most people are concerned about.

Serita Jakes: Is She Sick?

As of 2021, Serita Jakes has no significant illnesses.

T. D. Jakes, an American bishop, is married to Serita Jakes. Sarah Jakes Roberts, Jermaine Jakes, Cora Jakes Coleman, Thomas Jakes, Jr., and Jamar Jakes are among Serita Jakes’ five children.

Fans, however, have recently become alarmed as reports of Serita Jakes’ cancer diagnosis have surfaced. This is untrue, though.

The speaker has never said that any type of unwelcome development in her body has been diagnosed. We are unable to confirm anything significant at this time.

Serita Jakes: Illness And Health

From a young age, Serita Jakes reportedly battled disease and health issues, both physical and mental. It appears that her battle with weight loss led her to make some poor life choices. She had talked openly about doing drugs. She even got into horrible and abusive relationships as a result.

Nevertheless, Serita overcame all of her obstacles to succeed. But in 1982, only six months after she wed Bishop T.D. Jakes, she was killed in a terrible vehicle accident.

The motivational speaker’s legs and feet were seriously hurt in the collision. She was eventually able to walk with the help of prayer and physical treatment.

Serita Jakes Illness

Serita suffered yet another injury in 2012 when she was found to have herniated discs in her hands and arms. She made a full recovery from this illness after surgery.

Fans of Serita Jakes are constantly worried about her because of her health history. Thankfully, for the past few years, she has not reported any significant concerns.

Serita Jakes: Update On Weight Loss

Serita Jakes’ quest to lose weight is motivational. As previously noted, Serita has previously experienced weight problems. But despite being 66 years old, she appears young and content.

Serita Jakes has in fact motivated her own family to lead a healthy lifestyle. T.D. Jakes’s impressive weight loss of almost 100 pounds in 2002 left everyone in awe. Even a workbook with his secrets was issued by him.

Serita Jakes’ children’s weight-loss struggle garnered media attention in 2021. Daughter Cora in particular was praised for her transformational 83lb weight loss. On the other hand, Serita is perhaps one of the driving forces behind all of the motivation, in our opinion.

Serita experimented with drugs, alcohol, and sex as a means of coping with bullying.

The 19th of August 1955 marked Serita Jakes’s birth. She was bullied because of her weight and was the coal miner’s daughter. She consequently found it difficult to fit in and grew solitary. Serita turned to marijuana, drink, and sex in an effort to blend in with the cool kids at school. She admitted to Called Magazine that despite being reared in the church, she wandered off after hanging out with the wrong set. Serita clarified:

“I joined the wrong group and started doing what I thought was my thing, but everything moved too quickly for a little ole rural girl like me,” she said.

“When she was a college student, tragedy struck when her brother was shot and killed in front of his daughters. After the catastrophe, Serita’s downward spiral continued, and she began an abusive relationship with a violent man. After her violent partner threatened to shoot her and put a gun to her head, Serita resolved to make a difference”. She admitted to Called Magazine that returning to church and becoming baptized had altered her life. Serita remarked:

“He told me there and then that I had a calling on my life because he had the ability to reveal to me everything that had been kept secret in my heart regarding the horrors I had gone through. The moment the word of the Lord entered my heart, I quickly surrendered, received the Holy Ghost baptism a week later, and have been running ever since”.

After Protracted Illness & Surgery

Returns To The Church

On Sunday, December 2, Bishop T.D. Jakes and the Potter’s House family celebrated a celebration. Serita Jakes, the first lady, triumphantly returned to the Dallas, Texas, church following a successful procedure to treat a herniated disc in two places.

During the Sunday Morning service, her beaming husband of 30 years, Bishop T.D. Jakes, said, “She’s one tough chick. According to Bishop Jakes, Mrs. Jakes had lost “all feeling and sensation in her limbs” and her left arm and hand were not working correctly prior to surgery.

Fortunately, the procedure went smoothly. After the procedure, she emerged from anesthesia emotionally praising God, according to Jakes. She thanked God as she left the operating room. She thanked God as she left. He said to the congregation, “She came out praising God.

Bishop Jakes stated, “She was weeping,” and then reached out and touched each child’s face, saying, “I can feel my children again,” as they all gathered around the bed in the recovery room.

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