Who Is Selena Gomez Dating? Her Complete Dating History

Selena Gomez Dating: In spite of the fact that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have been separated for a long time, have both moved on, and are married, it is a commonly known truth that the internet likes nothing more than to talk about their romance. As if, Jelena has finally ended!

Some of the die-hard Sel fans might be surprised to learn, however, that Sel has been romantically linked to a number of high-profile men, including Orlando Bloom (we didn’t forget about his relationship with her either, don’t worry), Taylor Lautner during the height of his Twilight wolf appeal, and of course, the one and only Nick Jonas. Take a trip down memory lane with us, please!

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Selena Gomez Dating with Nick Jonas: 2008

Yes, it was for a little period of time. “Burnin’ Up” was Selena and Nick’s first song together, and she even starred in the video. When Selena Gomez spoke to W magazine in 2016, she said that she and Nick Jonas never fought. In high school, both of us had a crush on the same guy… Now that we’ve established ourselves, we’re ready to move on.” It’s going well!

Selena Gomez Dating with Taylor Lautner: 2009

That’s right, isn’t it? WHO DARE TOLD? Selena and Taylor had a brief relationship after meeting on the set of Ramona and Beezus, when she was filming, while he was filming, Twilight: New Moon. Even though they were in a relationship, the media attention they received killed their vibe.

According to Selena, here’s what she said to Seventeen: This picture was taken a few years after they broke up, indicating that they were still on good terms. Oh, and Taylor Swift, Sel’s close friend and fellow Taylor, was Taylor Swift’s boyfriend at the time. Taylor Swift has been accused of writing “Back To December” about him, and when asked what he thought of it last year, he said, “That’s just what she does.” Cool.

Selena Gomez Dating with Justin Bieber ( December 2010 to April 2014)

As far as I’m concerned, the most romantic thing a couple can do is eat pancakes together at IHOP, where Justin and Selena were seen in 2010. “It was simply pancakes,” Selena told Us Weekly in an attempt to quash allegations.

However, you can’t have JUST PANCAKES. In the following years, the couple avoided breakup rumors and attended numerous events, such as the premiere of Katy Perry: Part of Me in 2013. Truly, the only thing more romantic than a Katy Perry documentary is a stack of fluffy pancakes.

The Billboard Music Awards, which took place in May of that year, threw everything into disarray for these two. Except for Taylor Swift’s disgusted grimace when she

Selena Gomez Dating (1)
Selena Gomez Dating (1)


witnessed them kissing backstage, this isn’t all that significant: After a disagreement at Coachella in April 2014, where Selena supposedly found images of Kylie Jenner on Justin’s phone, Jelena and Justin continued to date despite the obvious opposition from Selena’s friends. Selena “flipped out,” according to the tabloids at the time, and the couple momentarily broke up. Then we come to…

Selena Gomez Dating with Orlando bloom (April 2014)

According to reports, Miranda Kerr and Justin Bieber were envious of Selena and Orlando’s relationship when they were spotted flirting during the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. It should be noted that Justin was sporting the following ensemble at the time: Both Selena and Elf Bae Orlando denied their romance after being seen “chilling outside” of a Chelsea Handler show, but just wait, because what happens next has me legit all:

Selena Gomez Dating with Zedd (Jan 2015 to March 2015)


It didn’t take long for fans to think that Selena and Zedd were dating after they started appearing on each other’s Instagrams while they were working on music together.

Selena Gomez Dating with Niall Horan (December 2015)

After they were spotted together on a date at the Santa Monica Pier, Selena was linked to One Directioner Niall Horan. At Jenna Dewan-35th Tatum’s birthday celebration, they were spotted “kissing, cuddling, and dancing close to one another.”

Meanwhile, Justin had serenaded Selena with “My Girl” at a Beverly Hills bar barely a month earlier: “Oh my god!” Selena exclaimed when asked if she and Niall were dating by Entertainment Tonight. No. I’ve always loved him. “He’s awe-inspiring.” They have a long history, after all! Here they are in 2013, hanging out in the midst of all the rumors

Selena Gomez Dating with Samuel Crost (January 2016)

Samuel Krost, Gigi Hadid’s buddy and the booker of the Fyre Festival, briefly dated Selena. Can You Even Begin to Think of All That He’s Seen? The two have been dating for a year, but Samuel only announced their relationship last month, writing on Instagram, “Selena is a genuine lady with genuine feelings.”

If you’re dissatisfied with your love life because you’re shallow, you need to realize that love is real. Despite the fact that we’ve gone our own ways, I know that love exists. “Sel, you’re the best.”

Selena Gomez Dating with Charlie Puth (March 2016)

In March 2016, despite reports to the contrary, Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez sought to deny that they were dating. It took Charlie literally years to accept that they were dating. It was “extremely short-lived, very modest, but very impactful,” he stated in an interview with Billboard. And it had a major impact on my life.

If I can put it this way: I didn’t feel like I was the only one she was thinking about. “I guess I was aware of what I was getting myself into,” I recall thinking.

Selena Gomez Dating with The Weeknd ( January 2017 to October 2017)

The photos of Selena Gomez and The Weeknd kissing close to garbage in Santa Monica went viral. Following their time in Italy and on a yacht together, the couple ultimately made their relationship public on Instagram just in time for Coachella in April 2017.

Selena Gomez Dating with Criss Evans?? ( 2021)

That being said, I’ll let you know if it works out or not. Chris Evans and Selena were said to be dating at the end of last year. The proof? Both Selena Gomez and Chris Brown have been photographed together in Los Angeles, including exiting a studio and eating at eateries. In addition, Chris and over 200 million other Instagram users have followed Selena Gomez.

However, the suspicions were put to rest when Alba Baptista, a Portuguese actor, was proven to be Chris’ girlfriend. This is an interesting twist in the story. A recent TikTok in which Selena clearly stated, “No, I’m OK. Being single is a genuine thing for me. “It’s fine,” she said. She then panned across to her group of four companions, all of whom were paired off in twos and appeared to be extremely in love.

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