Scorn Release Date: Is It Possible To Play Scorn Using Xbox Game Pass?

Scorn Release Date: The upcoming first-person survival horror video game Scorn, developed by the Serbian studio Ebb Software, has a release date. It will be available on Xbox Game Pass right from when it launches. The “biopunk” first-person survival horror game was inspired by the works of European visual artists HR Giger and Zdzislaw Beksiski.

The game appears to be every bit as atmospheric, creepy, and gory as any game where you play as a skinless humanoid lost on a nightmare planet should look and play. The following is everything that we know regarding the release date of Scorn, including information on its story, pre-orders, and more.

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Scorn Story

Little is known about the main plot of Scorn, aside from the natural, breathing world our unnamed protagonist is forced. Indeed, our protagonist must travel across various related (and unsettling) locales in a non-linear manner while stranded in a surreal universe. Scorn appears to be more lore-driven from what we can discern, with the game’s only objective being for players to try to wake up from the nightmare.

The locations players visit in the “open-ended” world will each have their theme and story, with puzzles and characters who play a significant role in the overall world. For the time being, this is only conjecture, but the developers have stated that this is the case. We also know that the sections of Scorn will be laid out like a maze, with many rooms and pathways to explore.

The tale will unfold as described in the following statement by Ebb Software: “There are no cut-scenes to take your attention away from the gory reality of the living, breathing world you’re in. Keep your eyes open, though, because the game won’t be sympathetic if you miss something crucial during your unpleasant journeys. Everything has a purpose and a reason; all you have to do is figure out what it is.

We also know that riddles are essential to the plot, thanks to a recent developer update, and even the maze-like structures that make up the player’s unsettling surroundings have their own stories to tell. Additionally, the creators noted that while the ambiance may make it appear to be a walking simulator, the monsters, and riddles that players encounter to make it much more. This is comparable to how storylines are told in games like Dark Souls, where players must piece the narrative together as they progress.

However, due to the delay, this structure might be altered when Scorn is released in 2022. This version of the system had a better screen and a different dock. Even so, you can only buy two more recent versions. The Nintendo Switch Lite is only a handheld console. This makes it smaller and easier to carry around than the original Nintendo Switch, which can be used as both a handheld and a TV console.

Scorn Release Date

Scorn Gameplay

Scorn may have been overlooked as just another first-person horror game in Steam’s extensive library of scary fun. However, the game transitioned from a horror experience to a survival horror one as soon as Ebb Software displayed its perverted take on symbiotic weapons. Players will journey through several maze-like settings filled with unsettling puzzles to solve and fearsome foes to fend off.

We already know of two weapons players can use to shoot off and be repulsed by in Scorn: a six-shot pistol and a three-barrel rifle that fires off biological spikes. The prologue of the game is seen in the 8-minute gameplay trailer below. The majority of the plot will be told through the surroundings rather than speaking, as the trailer for Scorn makes clear. Additionally, even though Scorn has guns, “it is not a shooter.”

The gameplay will also heavily feature ammo management, inventory management, and puzzles. Due to the limited resources available, players will have to choose between hiding and battling one of the several animals. Scorn may draw inspiration from previous survival-horror classics like Dead Space and Resident Evil by combining puzzles and fighting. With the handgun reloading phase in the gameplay clip, combat appears slower than in these games.

In addition to acquiring new skill sets, weapons, and other equipment that may boost specific attributes, players will also experience increased combat tension. We briefly looked at two gameplay elements in the developer update from March: the puzzles and the equipment needed to access other places. As impressive and horrifying as you might anticipate. The update states, “Puzzles must continue the Scorn experience because its distinctive style is weaved throughout the game.

The player remains engrossed in the world while completing puzzles because they are still in the same setting and facing the same dangers.” The familiar orchestral theme from the series is played as the movie begins, followed by a pan across a scene of some mountains. This gives the impression that The Elder Scrolls 6 is a legitimate video game before the official logo shows. Despite the possibility that the best games have already spoilt us, it is time for something fresh.

Scorn Advance Order

Pre-orders for Scorn are only being accepted via digital stores now. This indicates that you will be able to place a pre-order for the console version of the game on the Xbox Store. It appears that none of the platforms will support the purchase of physical copies of the game in the foreseeable future.

On the other hand, if you want to play the game on your personal computer (PC), you will need to pre-order either the Standard or Deluxe Edition from the Epic Games Store,, or Steam. The Deluxe Edition has the official digital soundtrack and a 192-page digital art book. Additionally, if you are pre-order on the personal computer, you will receive a ten percent discount.

Scorn Is A  Part Of The Xbox Game Pass

Before you go ahead and pre-order the game, it is essential to remember that Xbox Game Pass subscribers won’t have to pay any more money to gain access to Scorn because it will be a part of the popular subscription service. Therefore, you could sign up for an Xbox Game Pass subscription instead of purchasing the game at its total price. This would allow you to play Scorn and other games available through the program.

Scorn Release Date

The 21st of October 2022 has been set as the release date for Scorn, and this information has been confirmed by both Ebb Software and the publisher Kepler Interactive. The spooky season has officially begun, just in time for Halloween. After years of anticipation and the original revelation of Scorn in 2016 via a Kickstarter campaign, the game’s release date has finally been established. The release of Scorn was initially scheduled to take place in October 2018, but as we all know, games love to be delayed, so here we are.

Final Lines

Scorn is shaping to be the most peculiar video game to be released in 2022. It will combine human anatomy and modern technology in a way that only the artists H.R. Giger and Zdzislaw Beksiski could have conceived. It is a biomechanical universe that has not previously been explored in video games, and it is sure to capture the interest of anyone who likes titles such as System Shock 2 or the ambiance of Agony (once again, not a game that we would recommend playing).

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