Robert Jamonte Abrams: What Happened To Manchella Allen?

Robert Jamonte Abrams: Abrams is responsible for killing Manchella Joe Allen. After the murder of Manchella in the “Cookies-N-Cream” nightclub, Breanna Cunningham and Robert Abrams were arrested and taken to Metro Jail.

The victim was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time and did not know the perpetrators. Both Robert and Breanna have preliminary hearings set for the following month.

Robert Jamonte Abrams
Robert Jamonte Abrams


The Identity Of Robert Abrams Remains A Mystery

Robert Abrams was 30 years old when he was arrested. In total, his name is Robert Jamonte Abrams. At the time, he was seeing Breanna Cunningham. The police arrested them and filed murder charges. Abrams and Cunningham both pleaded not guilty.

According to Fox 10 News, Abrams and Cunningham shot and killed Allen on February 27 after getting into an argument with him inside the Cookies-N-Cream nightclub on Theodore Dawes Road. As Allen tried to enter the restroom, Robert shut the door behind him.

After getting into a battle with the victim in the strip club, he shot him six times. On February 27 at 1:30 AM, police responded to a homicide call at the club. I was in Biloxi, Mississippi, with Robert’s girlfriend, Breanna. On Tuesday, March 2, 2021, officers from Biloxi and D’lberville turned themselves into the United States Police for interrogation.

Where Is Robert Abrams Now?

Currently, Robert Abrams is in custody for the murder of Manchella Allen. The MPD had been looking for him without success, and eventually, they had to ask for outside help. In the first stages of the homicide investigation involving 45-year-old Allen, Robert was reportedly taken into custody for questioning. The Biloxi police took up Abrams on murder charges for Manchella Allen.

Robert Abrams And Breanna Cunningham Trial Details Revealed

The proceedings against Robert Abrams and Brianna Cunningham are currently sealed to the public. Both Abrams and Cunningham had court dates a month after the incident. The trial date and the severity of their punishment will soon be made public.

These court orders were not made public. It’s not apparent if Robert had an attorney to represent him in court. Breanna was arrested and accused of murder since she had the murder weapon. They left the nightclub soon after the shooting.

Is It True That She Murdered Manchella Allen?

Breanna Cunningham is, without a doubt, responsible for the death of Manchella Allen. The young man shot and died in February 2021 on Theodore Dawes Road is the subject of the accusations.

Attorney Jennifer Wright claims Breanna Cunningham helped and urged Manchella Allen to be shot. Breanna Cunningham was arrested on March 2, 2021, by the United States Marshals Service, the D’Iberville Police Department, and the Biloxi Police Department.

As seen in the footage, Breanna supplied the gun that Robert Abram used to shoot Manchella Allen.

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