Robert Blake Net Worth: Why Did His Financial Situation Take A Turn For The worse?

Robert Blake Net Worth: Robert Blake is a retired American actor best remembered for his parts in the 1970s American television series Baretta and the 1967 movie In Cold Blood. In the last years of Metro-Goldwyn-Our Mayer’s Gang (Little Rascals) short film series, which ran from 1939 to 1944, Blake made his acting debut.

Additionally, he played a kid actor in 22 Red Ryder movie installments. The Italian-American actor frequently played characters that were American Indian or Latino in the Red Ryder series and many of his adult roles. Blake returned to acting after serving in the American Army, taking on parts in both films and television.

Right up to 1997’s Lost Highway, Blake kept acting. Author Michael Newton referred to Blake’s career as “one of the longest in Hollywood history” because he was one of the first child performers to effectively move into mature parts as an adult. In the next paragraph, Robert Blake Net Worth has been revealed.

Robert Blake Net Worth

American actor Robert Blake Net Worth is estimated to be -$3 million. Blake rose to fame as an actor at that period because of roles in films like “In Cold Blood.” He gained fame as the lead in the television series “Baretta.” After beginning his acting career as a kid, Robert served in the US Army for a while before making a comeback in his adult years. After acting in the movie “Lost Highway,” Blake eventually took his retirement. His career was one of the longest in Hollywood history.

After being accused of killing his second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, Robert Blake became the subject of controversy in 2001. He was finally exonerated in 2005 after the trial dragged on for several years. However, Robert was judged guilty of his wife’s death and endured severe financial penalties as a result. This happened after a wrongful death case was filed against him in California.

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Robert Blake Early Years

Robert Blake was born on September 18, 1933, in Nutley, New Jersey. James (James) Gubitosi and Elizabeth Cafone were his parents. For a maker of cans in 1930, James was a die setter. Blake’s parents finally started doing a song and dance routine. The Three Little Hillbillies, a name given to their three children, started performing in 1936.

They migrated to Los Angeles, California, in 1938, where their kids started working as extras in movies. Blake suffered maltreatment from his alcoholic father throughout a terrible upbringing. He was tormented and got into confrontations with other pupils when he first started attending public school at age 10.

These actions got him sent out. As a child, Blake said that both of his parents physically and sexually assaulted him, and as a form of punishment, they regularly locked him in a closet and had him eat food off the floor. When he was 14 years old, he fled his home, which set off a string of challenging years. 1956 saw the suicide death of his father.

Robert Blake Acting Career

Robert made his film debut at the age of six in “Bridal Suite.” He eventually rose to fame after playing in the MGM short film series “Our Gang.” Blake was cast as a First Native lad in the “Red Ryder” western TV series as a result of his several appearances there. He began acting in films like “The Black Rose” and “Black Hand” before the age of 17.

Blake was enlisted in the US Army in 1950. He quit the service at the age of 21, but he had trouble finding work. Robert subsequently started selling narcotics and developed a cocaine and heroin addiction. He was able to become one of Hollywood’s most renowned performers after attending acting school. Blake performed in movies like “The Purple Gang” and “Pork Chop Hill” after making appearances in a number of Western TV episodes including “26 Men” and “The Cisco Kid.”

His career significantly advanced in 1967 after he was cast as the hero of the movie “In Cold Blood.” The 1975 release of “Baretta” marked the beginning of his most iconic role. Robert gained notoriety for sayings such as “don’t commit the crime if you can’t do the time” while portraying a plainclothes police investigator. After “Baretta” finished in 1978, Blake proceeded to make appearances in films like “Money Train” and “Lost Highway,” as well as TV shows like “Blood Feud” and “Hell Town.”

Robert Blake Personal Life

Robert started dating Bonnie Lee Bakley in 1999 after his first marriage to Sondra Kerr, which produced two children. There are rumors that Bakley had a history of taking advantage of older males. She dated Blake at the same time as she was seeing Christian Brando, Marlon Brando’s son. She informed Christian and Robert that the kid was theirs when she found out she was pregnant. After a DNA test revealed the kid belonged to Robert, the couple married in 2000.

Trial For Bakley’s Murder

During their meal at a restaurant in May of 2001, Blake and his second wife, Bakley, were waiting in the car when she was shot and died. Even though Blake insisted on his innocence throughout the inquiry, he and his bodyguard were taken into custody over a year later on murder charges. After claims surfaced about Bakley’s fraudulent past and Blake allegedly hiring stuntmen to recreate the murder, the trial became a media sensation.

Another witness testifying to Blake’s innocence was Barbara Walters, whose interview was played at the trial.
Although Blake was found not guilty of murder and one count of soliciting murder in March 2005, a civil trial jury deemed him responsible for Bakley’s death and awarded Bakley’s children $30 million in damages eight months later. In response to Blake’s appeal, the number of damages he was originally granted was reduced by half. Bankruptcy was also a recent development for the actor around this time.

Blake brought a wave of fresh interest in Bakley’s murder in 2012. He made a TV appearance on Piers Morgan Tonight to talk about his autobiography, Tales of a Rascal, which he wrote and published independently (2011). In response to Morgan’s inquiries about Bakley, a defensive Blake referred to her as a “con artist” who “burned people.” The actor’s anger and ramblings against the police who “pulled my guts out and left me alongside the road to die” and “liar” Morgan were shown live on television.

Robert Blake Legal Issues

Robert was arrested in 2002 on suspicion of murdering his wife. His bodyguard was also detained for allegedly taking part in the plot. A California civil court held Blake responsible for a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the estate of Bonnie Lee in 2005. A retired stuntman and one other person came forward, saying that Robert had attempted to recruit them to murder his wife.

Robert Blake Net Worth

Blake entered a not-guilty plea even though he was facing the death penalty. Robert was found not guilty after being granted bail. It was simply impossible for the court to link to the murder weapon, and he had no gunpowder on his hands at the time of the crime. While LA District Attorney Stephen Cooley referred to the jury’s verdict as “extremely dumb,” many members of the public believed that there was not enough evidence to indict him.

But Robert wasn’t quite out of the woods. Bakley was judged responsible for his wife’s death after his three children launched a wrongful death claim against him. He was required to pay a settlement of $30 million, albeit this amount was ultimately reduced to $15 million.

Robert Blake Financial Concerns

Robert Blake declared bankruptcy in 2006, not long after being mandated to make a $30 million settlement payment to Bonnie Lee’s estate. His obligations totaled $3 million. The actor was the subject of a lien issued by the state of California in 2010 for unpaid back taxes of $1,110,878.

According to reports, Robert also owes a sizable amount in legal expenses. Blake thought about going back into the acting business in light of his monetary problems. He did, however, declare at the age of 85 that he felt “half-dead” and would not be going back to Hollywood.

Robert Blake Real Estate

Since 1983, Blake has held property in Studio City; nevertheless, it was later sold to a variety of different people. In 2001, he listed the house for $1 million. The house has seven bedrooms and over 5,000 square feet of living area. In 2003, not long after Blake was released on a $1.5 million bond, an actress by the name of Alexandra Kingston offered the house for $1.6 million.

Kingston finally succeeded in selling the house for $1.5 million. The renowned property changed hands again in 2018, this time for $3.35 million, which was $400,000 more than the asking price.

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