Riot MMO Release Date Status: Producer Vows Not To Ship The Game If It’s Bad!

Greg Street, the project’s executive producer, casually tweeted that he was in charge of the project in 2020, which was when Riot Games announced that it was creating an MMO. A recent quiet announcement of a survival game by Blizzard is an example of this small trend, but it also turns out that Street is merely an open tweeter. For instance, Street tweeted(opens in new tab) in early April that Riot’s major MMO isn’t sure to release, even though Riot’s PR staff presumably wouldn’t want to say it out loud.

Street said that his comment had been misconstrued by “certain gamers and media” to imply that the MMO’s development was not progressing well in a series of follow-up posts(opens in new tab) published today.

When will the League MMO release?

Unfortunately, Riot Games has not set an official release date for the League of Legends MMO; nevertheless, given when development started behind the scenes, a release window of late 2023 or possibly early 2024 is feasible.

After months of silence, numerous Riot developers acknowledged the MMO’s existence in 2020. It makes sense that a four to five-year growth cycle is possible.

Runeterra regions

With the universe of League of Legends, known as Runeterra, covering thirteen distinct areas, it has one of the most expensive fantasy worlds in video games. Dot Esports anticipates that the game will contain elements from each of these locations. The popular Runeterra locales Demacia, Ionia, and Arcane’s home turf, the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun, are expected to be the focus of the League MMO. It is likely that fantastical locales like Bandle City, Shurima, and the Shadow Isles will be used as adventure and raid settings.

Riot MMO Release Date
Riot MMO Release Date

Game map

Riot Games hasn’t officially confirmed that the upcoming League of Legends MMO game will be set in Runeterra, but given how they’ve constructed their fantasy settings in the past, it would come as a huge surprise to fans of the brand if the RPG game transported them to a different planet.

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