Rick James Cause Of Death: Why Does Eddie Murphy Mention Being Stranded With Rick James?

When Motown Records’ fortunes appeared to be in trouble in the late 1970s, Rick James came along and saved the business by releasing funky successes that changed the label’s look and carried it into the middle of the 1980s. James had really previously worked with Motown, albeit nothing had come of it. He left the Navy for Toronto after growing up in Buffalo and emigrating to join the Naval Reserves.

While in Toronto, he played in a band with Neil Young, Bruce Palmer, and Goldy McJohn, who would eventually form Steppenwolf and become a member of Buffalo Springfield. They signed with Motown as the Mynah Birds and started recording, but no record was ever made public. Before re-signing with Motown as a performer, songwriter, and producer, James had a career as a journeyman bass player in a number of bands.

His debut song, “You and I,” which was released in May 1978, topped the R&B charts and made it to the pop Top 40. Another smash was “Mary Jane” (September 1978). Both appeared on James’ gold-certified debut album, Come Get It! (released in June 1978).

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Rick James Cause Of Death

In his Hollywood home on August 6, 2004, Rick James’ full-time carer discovered him dead. Age-wise, he was 56. By that time, it was widely acknowledged that James had used hard narcotics throughout his career, among other vices. He had even called himself an “icon of drug usage and sexiness” at one point. As a result, a lot of James’ followers believed he had overdosed to death.

Rick James Cause Of Death
Rick James Cause Of Death

However, it was discovered that Rick James passed away after a heart attack. However, a toxicology analysis also showed that he had nine different narcotics, including cocaine and meth, in his system at the time of his death. None of the medicines or drug combinations, according to the Los Angeles County coroner, were found to be “at levels that were life-threatening in and of themselves.” However, it is thought that the chemicals in his body and his long history of drug usage were a factor in his early death.

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Why Does Eddie Murphy Mention Being Stranded With Rick James In The Snow?

Eddie Murphy, who stars in the film You People, got sentimental this week while appearing on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The 61-year-old comedian and actor first talked about his friendships with other celebrities, such as Tracy Morgan, Michael Jackson, and Sammy Davis Jr., before being questioned about a day when he was stuck inside with funk pioneer Rick James. Murphy admitted that he and James had once spent two weeks cooped up inside in Buffalo in the 1980s.

In the below Tweet, You can see the official Tweet about Rick James:

Murphy said, “I went up there to record ‘Party All The Time. I think it was the greatest fun I’ve ever had. I was only meant to be gone for a weekend, but we got detained in Rick James’ house for two weeks since Buffalo got snowed in (occasionally there are five feet of snow there). Murphy’s first success, “Party All the Time,” was included in his debut album How Could It Be, which was released in July 1985. James provided production and background vocals for the song.

Why Does Eddie Murphy Mention Being Stranded With Rick James In The Snow?
Why Does Eddie Murphy Mention Being Stranded With Rick James In The Snow?

Murphy has kept up his musical endeavors throughout the years, putting out follow-up albums in the 1990s called So Happy and Love’s Alright. The Michael Jackson collaboration “Whatzupwitu” was on the latter album. Murphy and Snoop Lion, a.k.a. Snoop Dogg, released the loosie songs “Oh Jah Jah” and “Red Light” in the past ten years. Please continue to visit Talkxbox and forward this content along to your close ones.

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