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Red Dead Redemption 3: When Is It Coming Out?

Red Dead Redemption 3

Red Dead Redemption 3

Red Dead Redemption 3: A lot is expected of Red Dead Redemption 3, also known as RDR3. It’s no exaggeration to say that Rockstar Games has its work cut out for creating the sequel to one of the most critically praised video games of all time. Fortunately, they are not under any strict deadline. It is no surprise that Red Dead Redemption 3 has yet to receive a release date.

Rockstar Games is well-known for taking its time with its flagship games; one could argue that the company’s previous achievements have given it more leeway in this regard than any other video game developer. But even without an official announcement, we still have some clues.

An adage states that if there is smoke, there is fire, and if there is fire, there is likely a cowboy nearby with some excellent stolen goods. One can deduce a great deal by “reading between the lines.” In light of this, we’ve decided to cast our eagle eyes toward the sky in search of Red Dead Redemption 3 clues.

Although we will make every effort to provide accurate information, readers should remember that most of what is presented here is conjecture rather than truth.


When Will Red Dead Redemption 3 Be Available?

The first installment in the series, released in May of 2010, was followed by Red Dead Redemption 2, released in 2018. If my calculations are correct, it took Rockstar Games more than eight years to release the sequel. Based on their track record, Rockstar Games likely releases a AAA game every three to four years. This would release games like Red Dead Redemption 3 and Grand Theft Auto 6 as early as 2023.

Auto Vice City Online. Previously, Rockstar only made big, single-player games, but with GTA Online, they’ve dipped their toes into the lucrative world of online, multiplayer gaming.

Furthermore, it seems to be to their liking. They also seem to enjoy giving their back catalog the remaster treatment. For this reason, it’s reasonable to assume that the intervals between new Rockstar AAA games will be longer than in the past.

Furthermore, there is a minor matter of Grand Theft Auto 6. If GTA 6 comes out in 2023, especially if there are any delays with that game, I wouldn’t expect Red Dead Redemption 3 before 2026.

Red Dead Redemption 3 Characters

Given what Rockstar did with Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s not out of the question that they’d attempt to maintain continuity with the established cast and story. When it comes to the key characters, we know what will happen to John Marston and Arthur Morgan, but Jack Marston still has a bright future ahead of him.

It would be exciting to see the setting we’ve grown to love again, and it would give the creators a chance to explore a period in the Wild West’s history that they haven’t before. Alternatively, you might play as a new character in Red Dead Redemption 3, with only a few cameos from returning faces from previous games.

Red Dead Redemption 3

It would be nice to see a woman take the lead if the team decides to go this route. Women can make great protagonists in Westerns, as shown by stories like True Grit. This would be an excellent opportunity for Rockstar to disprove their sexist criticisms (they’ve never included a playable female character in any of their games).

According to the latest information, a female player character will be available in Grand Theft Auto 6. This suggests Rockstar is considering including a female protagonist in Red Dead 3. It’s feasible, though, that they’ll follow the lead of Grand Theft Auto 5 and make the upcoming game’s protagonist only one of several playable characters. You can also read another article, Autumn Falls Death: Is She Still Alive?

Red Dead Redemption 3 Location

Several articles have speculated that some Red Dead Redemption 3 will occur in Europe. This would open the door for Rockstar to investigate further the situation of immigrants in a manner comparable to Grand Theft Auto 4. Narratively, this makes perfect sense, but it seems wasteful to create a chunk of Europe only to relocate the whole game to the United States.

Also, you have to wonder if, for better or worse, series fans want to take on the role of a European in what has been an exclusively American franchise up to this point. Although I hope to see it realized, I doubt it will. Like its predecessors, Red Dead Redemption 3 will likely be set in a fictionalized version of the United States.

This strategic choice freed the creators from historical or geographical constraints while allowing them to incorporate their favorite aspects of the Wild West mythos. And I’m betting they’ll try it again.

Red Dead Redemption 3 Rumors

The release of Red Dead Redemption 3 is still a ways off. We will update this page with any new information or rumors we get about Red Dead Redemption 3, so keep checking back! Even if there is no confirmed release date for Red Dead Redemption 3, it doesn’t mean you can’t make the greatest RDR2 speedrun ever in the meantime.

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