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Reaction Effects in FaceTime: How to Make Your Video Calls More Fun and Expressive

Reaction Effects in FaceTime

Reaction Effects in FaceTime

FaceTime is Apple’s video calling app that lets you connect with your friends and family across the world. With iOS 17, FaceTime has become even more interactive and engaging, thanks to the new Reaction effects feature.

Reaction effects, which include animated objects like hearts, balloons, confetti, fireworks, and more, appear on your screen while you’re on a video chat. These outcomes can be brought about by gestures or words, and they inject a little humour and feeling into your exchanges. We’ll demonstrate how to apply Reaction effects in FaceTime on iOS 17 in this article.


What Are Reaction Effects in FaceTime?

Reaction effects are on-screen effects that appear over the FaceTime window when you’re on a video call. They are similar to the ones you can use in Messages, but they have some differences. For example, in Messages, you can use effects like Slam, Loud, Gentle, or Invisible Ink to animate your text messages.

In FaceTime, you can use effects like Love, Like, Dislike, Balloons, Stormy rain, Confetti, Laser beams, or Fireworks to express your feelings or reactions. Reaction effects are not stickers or emojis that you can send to the other person.

They are only visible to you and the other participants on the call. They also do not affect the audio quality or the video resolution of the call. They are just a fun way to spice up your FaceTime conversations.

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How to Trigger Reaction Effects in FaceTime?

There are two ways to trigger Reaction effects in FaceTime on iOS 17: by using the menu or by using gestures.

Using the Menu

To use the menu to trigger Reaction effects in FaceTime, follow these steps:

Using Gestures

To use gestures to trigger Reaction effects in FaceTime, follow these steps:

Here is a list of gestures and their corresponding effects:

Gesture Effect
Heart Love
Thumbs up Like
Two thumbs up Fireworks
Thumbs down Dislike
Two thumbs down Stormy rain
Peace sign with one hand Balloons
Peace sign with two hands Confetti
Rock on sign with two hands Laser beams

Tips and Tricks for Using Reaction Effects in FaceTime

Here are some tips and tricks for using Reaction effects in FaceTime:


Reaction effects in FaceTime are a great way to make your video calls more fun and expressive. They let you show your emotions and reactions with animated effects that fill up your screen. You can trigger them by using the menu or by using gestures.

You can also use other features such as stickers, filters, camera effects, screen sharing, and SharePlay to enhance your FaceTime experience. Try them out and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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