Raphy Pina Wife: Is Natti Natasha Surprises Him With Messi?

Raphy Pina, also known as Rafael Antonio Pina Nieves, is a Puerto Rican music producer and talent manager. He is well recognized for founding and leading Pina Records, one of the most well-known reggaeton music companies in the world. Raphy has been making news lately for all the wrong reasons. The acclaimed music producer has received his fair share of bad press, ranging from his unlawful possession of guns to his final jail.

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Pina Raphy Wife

The second time engaged is Raphy Pina. He is engaged to American singer Natti Natasha and they are dating. They initially came into contact when Nati signed a song to Pina Records. Natasha oversees Pina Records as well.

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For Her Son Birthday, Natti Natasha Surprises Him With Messi And Neymar Jr

Photos and videos of the occasion show Chingui and Natti posing for pictures with Messi and Neymar Jr. Another video shows the moment Chingui receives an autographed Messi shirt, causing him to break down in tears. On his father’s Instagram account, Chingui said, “One of the best things that ever occurred to me happened today. “Dad, I appreciate that you made this possible. You fulfilled my fantasy, which was what I wanted.

For Her Son Birthday, Natti Natasha Surprises Him With Messi And Neymar Jr
For Her Son Birthday, Natti Natasha Surprises Him With Messi And Neymar Jr

Regardless of where you are, you never cease to surprise us. Wherever you are, we are here waiting for you because I love you. Thank you to everyone who helped make this moment possible, including Natalia, Johnny, Ali, Monty, Sussette, and everyone else,” he said in his post. Natti Natasha also posted a picture of herself having fun in the stands just before the game began at the Parc Des Princes stadium. She wrote, “I’m now a fan of the game.” Raphy Pina received a jail term in May of last year for illegally possessing guns. His punishment included a 41-month jail term and a three-year parole period.

Pina spoke in front of the court before his punishment was announced. “Today, in front of you all, I beg you to please allow me to go back to my family, who are waiting for me. I want to stay a present father and help children through every stage of life. My [one-year-old] daughter has to learn how to walk,” he remarked. “I want to thank everyone here for their support. I adore my kids and my spouse.” Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Talkxbox.

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