Rainbow Six Siege: 8 Tips For Playing As Grim!

Rainbow Six Siege: Both Attackers and Defenders can be found among Rainbow Six: Siege’s massive array of operators. Each new operator brings a new set of tools, and Grim has one of the most intriguing skills in the game. The Kawan Hive Launcher, which he uses to keep tabs on the opposition, works well with the equipment of many other operators. Here are a few pointers to help you master this potent operator and rack up as many kills as possible when playing as Grim.


Complimentary: Grim and Lion

When comparing Grim and Lion as operators, you’ll find many similarities. The most significant shared feature of Grim and Lion’s equipment is the ability to track foes and pinpoint their location even behind solid walls. Together, these two operators can significantly increase your team’s detection rate, ultimately leading to more kills and fewer deaths for the enemy. You can’t go wrong with either of these operators if you and a friend are looking to test out an exciting operator duo. The lion watches for enemy movement to identify them, while Grim is responsible for ambushing them. Having them both on your side will make it much easier to track down adversaries because of their similar outcomes.

To Avoid Missing Any Alerts From Grim The Hive Launcher, You Must Be Vigilant

When an enemy uses one of Grim’s hive canisters, a ping marker will appear, showing their location. It’s easy to overlook the title that indicates where enemy operators are after deploying Grim, so it’s essential to keep an eye out for it immediately after activating the device.

Use The Kawan Hive Launcher On The Slower Operators First

Because the Kawan Hive Launcher relies on tracking a target’s movement, it is more effective against slower-moving operators. You’ll have an easier time spotting pings and making precise shots. And while the hive canisters are robust against any operator, they shine here.

The Hive Canisters Are Impervious To Gunfire And Melee Attacks

In Rainbow Six: Siege, hive canisters are vulnerable to grenades upon landing but not gunfire or melee attacks. As a result, the canister will be incredibly tough to destroy if it is near an opposing operator. Don’t forget this when you go to drop your hive canisters.

Be Wary Of Kaid And Bandit

Electrocuting metal walls is a power shared by both Kaid and Bandit. If your hive canister is released near one of these electrified barriers, it will be destroyed by the electricity before it can locate and track an adversary. Because your supply of Kawan Hive Launcher bullets is limited, these operators’ skills might cause serious issues. The placement of your hives requires significant consideration.

The 522 Commando Assault Rifle Should Be Equipped

Grim’s most potent primary weapon is the 522 Commando. Although the SG-CQB shotgun is powerful, the 522 Commando is more dependable in combat. Thanks to this weapon’s significant damage per shot and quick reload time, you can do a lot of damage in a short time. The 522 Commando can be fired from greater distances than the SG-CQB shotgun. The 522 Commando has issues with recoil. This gun shoots relatively slowly. Therefore careful aiming with each shot is required regardless of recoil, so the disadvantage isn’t too significant. If you excel with assault weapons in first-person shooters, selecting the 522 Commando above the SG-CQB shotgun is usually a good idea.

Collaborate Like A Jackal

Jackal, like Lion, is a good operator for Grim to work with because of their shared ability to hear and follow the footsteps of their foes. Having Jackal and Grim on your squad gives you a distinct advantage over the opposition since you will know the enemy’s whereabouts across the battlefield. With Jackal and Grim on your side, you’ll have more eyes and ears reporting on the whereabouts of the Defenders, increasing your chances of success.

Watch Out For Grenades

Grenades pose a unique challenge for Grim because they can be used to destroy the hives before they even go off inadvertently. It would help if you were extra wary of players utilizing grenades, as Impact Grenades can quickly destroy Grim’s device. Ensure the adversary doesn’t spot you putting a hive canister if you observe them throwing a grenade or using any other explosive. Instead, you should prefer a stealthy approach, giving the hive less time to react. This will prevent your attacker from locating your pack with pinpoint accuracy and destroying it.

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