Queen Elizabeth talks about how she suffered severe fatigue after contracting COVID-19

Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II, who will turn 96 soon, has spoken about serious fatigue after she had Covid-19 in February despite aides which are working to treat her illness.

Buckingham Palace said the vaccinated monarch had “mild, cold-like symptoms”.

But she was compelled to cancel a series of appointments with foreign diplomats, at the beginning of her record-breaking 70th year on the throne.

Queen Elizabeth recalled her experience on Wednesday while she was talking to staff and patients by video-link to mark the opening of a hospital unit named in her honour in east London.

Speaking about the virus, The Queen said “It does leave one very tired and exhausted, doesn’t it?

“This horrible pandemic. It’s not a nice result,”

The unit at the Royal London Hospital was constructed in record time to cope with an influx of Covid sufferers.

“It is very interesting, isn’t it, when there is some very vital thing, how everybody works together and pulls together — marvellous, isn’t it?”

Fears about the queen’s health have persisted since she

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