PS4 10.01 Update: How Far Should You Update Your PS4’s Firmware?

PS4 10.01 Update: Today, Sony updated the PS4 system software, bringing the firmware to version 10.01. Read in detail about it here. This PS4 firmware upgrade’s download size is 495 MB, which isn’t all that different from the size of the previous significant update. Since there is hardly any difference between 10.0 and 10.01, the upgrade is probably more of a small stability patch than a new feature addition.

According to the modifications indicated on the console, this most recent firmware update brings the following: “This system software update enhances system performance.” The update is 495MB in size for the majority of PS4 consoles. The PS4 is likely only to receive incremental updates moving ahead, with this minor modification expected from the console’s updates at this stage in its life cycle.

The last significant update for the 10.00 patch was made available on September 7. Thus we do not anticipate another considerable upgrade for the console very near. You are not obliged to download this update if you worry about its security because the PlayStation 4 does not require it to connect to the internet and play online.

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Changelog For PS4 10.01 System Update

The system performance has been enhanced by this software upgrade. This is a minor update compared to PS4 version 10.0, which had a respectable changelog. It was released along with the PS5 update, which added several new capabilities, such as the capacity to create game lists, among others. Here are the modifications stated in the 10.0 update, just in case.

Release 10.0

There are now two different zoom modes available while using the Internet browser. By enlarging the page’s elements and altering their layout, “Zoom” lets you view the entire page without scrolling left or right.

Without changing the layout, “Magnify” makes everything on the page bigger. 500% is the current maximum zoom/magnification rate. For Remote Play, the following has been updated. Now that PS Remote Play is available using the keyboard on your PC or Mac is simpler.

You can now enter straight into your PS5 or PS4 console using your keyboard instead of the previous text entry box. You may now use the keyboard to control games that support it in addition to typing.

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What To Extent Should You Update Your PS4 Firmware?

As a result, you might be unsure whether updating the most recent firmware is secure. It is unnecessary to download this update to use PlayStation Network services because it is not required. Therefore, you can disregard it for the time being. Please let us know in the comments section below if you have observed any further changes due to the latest firmware upgrade.

PS4 10.01 Update

PS4 10.00 System Update

The PS4’s system update 10.00, released two weeks ago, brought about adjustments and enhancements to the browser and remote play features. More information on this is available in this mail. The PS4 update 10.00 was shown to be generating bugs for some players at the same time.

One customer claimed that after installing it, he had to download all the games again. Someone else noticed error su-42118-6. It is unclear whether there was a relationship and whether the system update 10.01 performed the necessary corrections due to the short changelog.

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The PS5 upgrades are more interesting than the PS4 updates. Sony’s new-generation console received its most recent system update in the first week of September. New social features and 1440p resolution support were both introduced. A separate statement will go through the specifics of the PS5 update.

PS5 More Information

The PS5 is still underrepresented in the market even though the PS4 is nearing completion. Despite the latest price rise of 50 euros, many players can still not add a copy of the console to their shopping cart. It is possible to purchase the Xbox Series X without any restrictions, and Microsoft claims that its price shouldn’t increase for the time being.

PS4 More News

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Final Lines

We have some exciting PS4 news. The PS4 system software was updated by Sony today, bringing the firmware to version 10.01. Read more about it in-depth here. The size of this PS4 firmware update, 495 MB, isn’t all that different from the size of the last substantial update.

The upgrade is likely more of a minor stability patch than a new feature addition, as there isn’t much difference between 10.0 and 10.01. Even though the PS4 is almost finished, the PS5 is still not widely available. Many users can still not add a console copy to their shopping basket despite the latest price increase of 50 euros.

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