Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: 5 features Missing From Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet And Violet: Many fans are left wanting more after seeing the recently released trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The fights of the Terastral Raid, the validation of several previously speculated traits, and more all fell under this category. We still don’t know the answers to many things, which is unfortunate.

Many juicy secrets about the franchise are remained under wraps, despite the fans’ clamoring for them. Even though many of them have been answered by the most recent leaks, others are still on the wishlist of the fanbase. This piece will look at the top five requests from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet players.

Here are five features that were hoped to be included in the latest trailer for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

There Are Even More Pokemon Being Released

As expected, players are interested in learning more about the bizarre fauna that calls the Paldea region home. Pawmi and Lechonk are two examples of pretty typical newcomers; we’ve also seen some interesting ones, including Armarouge. Farigiraf, an improvement on Gen 2’s Girafarig, is the only monster seen in the new clip.

While this was disappointing for many, a few fans kept their wits about them and spotted a few new creatures on the trailer’s minimap in the bottom right corner. The Paradox Pokemon have still not shown up. There was no official clarification on any of these points, so here’s hoping we get further information before the release date.

Evolutionary Patterns In The Initial Stages

There’s nothing quite like meeting your game’s first Pokemon. In most cases, players will have to pick one of three Pokemon, and those three selections will be the Fire, Water, and Grass types. Fuecoco, Quaxly, and Sprigatito are the openers for the next chapter.

Because they were one of the first given details of Scarlet and Violet, players are naturally eager about how they look as they evolve. There are typically three versions of the starter Pokemon, but oddly, not even the second form has been seen. This isn’t good because the newest trailer would have been the perfect place to show off their development.

Enhancements To Living Quality In Prior Entries

There have been dozens of games in the franchise, and a few newer games have added new gameplay features. Although specific innovations, like Pokemon Amie, have become the norm, others have yet to be duplicated. In Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Game Freak’s previous console release, one example is how Pokemon evolve through time.

In this Sinnoh precursor, players no longer have to rely on level gates or trading to advance their monsters; instead, they can do so whenever they satisfy the necessary criteria. Even though it is highly improbable that this feature will be implemented, the lack of confirmation means that the pendulum could swing anyway.

Optional Content And Missions

Many players are curious about the variety of side activities, quests, and events that will be available in the game now that the series is taking an open-world approach. This was expanded upon in Legends of Arceus with the introduction of NPC quests. However, it is possible that this, too, might use some fine-tuning and improvement.

Maybe there’ll be some new minigames. Add-on dungeons? Looking for various kinds of monsters? Players are excited to see what other new features the next franchise installment brings.

The Process Of An Egg’s Development Into A Hatchling

The latest clip highlighted the game’s Picnic mode, where players may take a break from their travels to rest, play with their monsters, and prepare meals. During these forays, the players have a chance to find eggs. Nothing was revealed about the hatching process or the availability of alternative sources for these eggs.

For the former, there have been whispers that Scarlet and Violet will come with their unique incubators for hatching eggs. If this holds, the age-old “x number of steps to hatch” formula may return in modified form. There is also the option of having predetermined incubation times.

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