Pokemon Go players Are Memeing The Daily Incense Feature Already

Pokemon Go users are already making jokes about the “unusual spawns” from Daily Incense despite the game having just been released for less than a month. Recently, Niantic has made numerous adjustments and changes to how Incenses function in Pokemon Go, upsetting gamers.

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As long as you keep up your friendship with your Friend, the bar keeps going up. Only if you engage in raids or battles with your friend will you both benefit from reaching a high level, including improved Pokemon Attack and the capacity to get more Premier Balls.

However, Niantic aimed to allay some trainers’ worries about the item with the most recent release of Daily Adventure Incense. Players are already making jokes about how useless Daily Adventure Incense is after only roughly a month of availability.

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Meme About Pokemon Go trainers From Daily Incense

On the Pokemon Go subreddit, a post making fun of Daily Adventure Incense’s key selling point garnered popularity. For those who are dissatisfied with the daily incense, just keep in mind that it draws [Pokemon] you don’t typically see. You have interactions like this, he said, gesturing to the photograph. Naturally, the image that was linked only featured extremely common Pokemon discovered using the Daily Incense, such as Lillipup, Rattata, and Zigzagoon.

The Everyday Adventure Incense is a free, daily incense use that burns for 15 minutes, for people who may not be informed. You “may encounter Pokemon not usually seen in the wild,” the official Pokemon Go website warns. Unfortunately, many trainers on the subreddit claim that this isn’t actually the case.

“I was so annoyed by it during bug week. To obtain incense spawns of… Weedles, Caterpies, and Venipedes, I’d go along my walkway lined with Weedles, Caterpies, and Venipedes stated Apostrophe. Some responded with “Awesome!” to a recent Community Day controversy. What a wonderful spread! I’m so excited to go outside in the heat and do an intense jog for this! Some trainers seem to simply be luckier than others, despite the fact that some people like utilizing the Daily Adventure Incense.

The Reported headliner for the Pokemon Go Community Day in September 2022?


Although the September Pokemon Go Community Day headliner has not yet been revealed, there are already several predictions and theories regarding who might be the show’s main attraction.

Many trainers are already anticipating the following Community Day, which will take place in September 2022, as the Galatian Zigzagoon Community Day from August 2022 is now gone. Every month, community days are a special occasion.

Each one focuses on a certain Pokemon family and offers enhanced spawn rates, a higher Shiny rate, and a Special Research tale to finish. Although the September 2022 headliner hasn’t been officially announced, we’ve compiled some of our early guesses and the most popular rumors in the community below.

Headliner rumors for Pokemon Go’s September 2022 Community Day

One of the most popular speculations at the moment is that the Community Day headliner in September 2022 will be a Kalos starter. If so, Chespin is probably in store since the first starters in Pokemon Go are typical of the Grass-type

This prediction is primarily based on the fact that it has been a year since a starter Pokemon served as the focus of a Community Day. In September 2021, Oshawott completed the Unova trio; there haven’t been any since.

For the past few months, this has been our best guess, and we’re sticking with it. Another prediction, though, is that Teddiursa, with its Hisuian evolution Ursaluna making its debut, might be the standout if it isn’t a Kalos starter.

Timburr, the final development of Community Day’s headliners that gamers genuinely want to see, is a popular option. Conkeldurr is a formidable opponent in raids and gyms, and a new move might cause major disruptions.

When is the September 2022 Community Day for Pokemon Go?

Mark Sunday, September 18, 2022, on your calendars because the following Pokemon Go Community Day event will be held on that day. Although the exact times of the event have not yet been released, we anticipate that it will last from 11 AM to 2 PM, which would be consistent with the short three-hour duration of the previous Community Day events.

Additionally, the dates of October 15 and November 12 for Community Days have been confirmed. On November 5, there will also be a Community Day Classic featuring a returning headlining act. Check out some of our other Pokemon Go guides while you wait to find out who will be the featured performer for Community Day in September 2022.

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