Plop Star Net Worth In 2022: Shark Tank Update

Plop Star Net Worth: Tyler Jay, an entrepreneur, presents his invention Plop Star, a stealth bathroom deodorizer that enables you to “shake the bowl,” in the hopes of finding a business partner in Shark Tank episode 1105. Jay also founded Tandem, Inc. in Chicago, a production company that creates “iconic, large and small branded content films.” Having that experience most likely aided him in creating the business video.

Mr. Jay avoided using public facilities because he was concerned about leaving “evidence” of his bowel movements. He sought anything that may get rid of the odor of a used restroom. He opted to build his own after failing to find a handy, discreet, and transportable solution. Use Plop Star, just drop the little tablet into the toilet bowl 10 seconds before sitting. After usage, its essential oil blend emits a delightful citrus scent. The pills are delivered in singles and are round and about 2 inches in diameter. The cost of 30 of them is $12.99.

Jay’s primary point of sale is now; however, he plans to expand into brick-and-mortar locations shortly. The Sharks on the panel tonight might be the ones who take this product mainstream.

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Plop Star Net Worth

Plop Star was valued at $1.5 million when it debuted on Shark Tank. Plop Star was the only remaining Shark Tank contestant without a contract after all of the agreements were completed. Because Tyler Jay was so careful, courteous, and restrained, traders assumed he didn’t take a risk in the market. An outside investor named Rohan Oza showed interest in the deal. Regardless, he had to deal with the idea that he was defenseless. In addition, he fled Plop Star without a written contract.

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Shark Tank Pitch Of Plop Star

The public’s reception to Plop Star has been mixed, however, sales have increased after the firm appeared on an episode of Shark Tank. Plop Star’s website was offline for a short period of time after the episode aired. Plop Star’s initial appearance on Shark Tank ended in failure due to low sales and a lack of investor interest. Despite critical acclaim and a lack of financial resources, the company has persisted in developing its internet presence.

Plop Star was the last surviving applicant without a contract with the Sharks. Tyler Jay said that despite leaving the ABC show Shark Tank with little money, he had always wanted to be on the show. Despite the fact that Plop Star’s scented toilet pills have a terrible reputation, the brand has a devoted following. According to poop science, Plop Star tablets can only eliminate solid waste odors. They are only efficient against a small percentage of odors. Plop Star has only sold roughly $12,000 in merchandise in the days preceding the show.

Use Of Plop Star

There is no shame in leaving the party early if necessary. As a result, Plop Star should be employed. If you throw one tablet into the dish, the performance will improve. Plop Star employs an essential oil buffer to avoid the emergence of unpleasant toilet odors. There is barely a faint citrus fragrance remaining. This portable choice is great for cutting a solo at work, at home, or anyplace else. You may now rock the bowl with confidence. According to the users, It is the best product in the market at the time because it has fewer side effects as compared to benefits.

Success Of Plop Star After Shark Tank

A single Plop Star pill is packaged in a clear plastic bag. It has a circumference of around two inches. As it occurs, you may get Plop Star tablets via one of three separate channels. There are 30 in a pack, with the first one costing roughly $12.99. The second container is a Plop Star 30-count tub for roughly $14.99. Six more will cost you $4.99 each. Plop Star tablet packets are available for purchase on Amazon and the Plop Star website.

The Shark Tank investors, on the other hand, were not pleased. Due to a lack of sales, investors were hesitant to commit to Tyler Jay’s first investment request of $150,000 for a 10% interest in the company. Plop Star had only moved roughly $12,000 in the days leading up to the concert, according to the figures. Plop Star’s sales increased after appearing on Shark Tank. still has the items in stock, however, Plop Star’s website is fully sold out. Jay’s strategy includes catering to both wholesale and retail customers.

Tyler Jay started Plop Star one year ago today. He graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts. Tyler Jay worked for an advertising business for a while. Tandem Inc., Jay’s production firm, was founded in 2014. Tyler Jay, like most people, avoided using the toilet outside his house and other public restrooms since he didn’t want to stink them up for others. Tayler Jay made an attempt to find an existing answer before developing his own. Plop Star made its debut in 2018 after being announced in 2015.

Tyler Jay’s first intention was to create a sprayable liquid deodorant. Jay has a research and development staff. Unfortunately, a year of beta testing yielded insufficient results. When Tyler Jay needed inspiration, he turned to bath bombs. Tyler Jay and his colleagues devised the idea of employing tablets to fight the issue of bad odors in public bathrooms. The product was ready for release after a year of study, 37 variations of the formula, and field testing.

Shark Tank Recap Of Plop Star

Tyler has offered $150,000 in exchange for a 10% interest in the firm. It’s humorous when he rides in on a toilet. He distributes complimentary samples and then starts receiving product inquiries. He intends to compete with a product named Poo Pourri in particular.

Shark Tank Recap Of Plop Star
Shark Tank Recap Of Plop Star

Despite Tyler’s greatest efforts, the Sharks just do not see things the way he does. The relatively well-known opponents cause concern. Tyler is frustrating the Sharks because he isn’t offering clear guidance. All of the Sharks are removed because they determine that the work involved is insufficient in comparison to the possible return.

New Details Of Plop Star

On the site, entrepreneurs who have been on the ABC show Shark Tank may discover updates and other information about their development. Plop Star is still in good working order in July of 2020. To purchase the things in question, you should go to Amazon. As of July 2021, the Facebook page has been inactive for about a year. The item is no longer available for purchase on Amazon or the manufacturer’s website.

They launched a spray in December 2021, which you can purchase from them or on Amazon. In September 2022, we still can’t get our hands on genuine things. The total earnings are expected to reach $1,300,000. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check outTalkxbox.

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