Phil Mickelson Controversy: Among The group Of 11 LIV Golf Members!

PGA Tour players Phil Mickelson and Bryson DeChambeau are among 11 LIV Golf members who have filed an antitrust action against the tour. According to a complaint, the LIV Golf Tour has threatened lifetime bans on golfers who participate in even one LIV Golf tournament as part of a carefully coordinated scheme to squash competition.

“It has followed through on these threats by imposing extraordinary punishments on players (including the plaintiffs), which threaten to cause irreparable injury to the players and their ability to continue working in their field of expertise.

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It has used threats against sponsors, vendors, and agents in an effort to persuade players to back out of offers to compete in LIV Golf events. In addition to this, it has coordinated an unlawful collective boycott with the European Tour in order to prevent its members from having access to LIV Golf.

According to the report by Schlabach, three of the 11 players, namely Taylor Gooch, Hudson Swafford, and Matt Jones, are trying to get a temporary restraining order from a federal judge so that they can take part in the FedEx Cup playoffs, which start the next week (all 11 players are among more than two dozen who have been suspended by the PGA Tour, according to ESPN.)

Phil Mickelson Controversy: Among The group Of 11 LIV Golf Members!
Phil Mickelson Controversy: Among The group Of 11 LIV Golf Members!

“A temporary restraining order is needed to prevent the irreparable harm that would occur if these players were unable to participate in the FedEx Cup Playoffs,” the lawsuit claims, according to ESPN. “The punishment that would accrue to these individuals is enormous and irreparable.”

“We have been planning to safeguard our membership and challenge this latest attempt to disrupt our Tour, and you should be confident in the legal merits of Our stance,” states a letter from PGA Tour Commissioner Jay Monahan.

In the end, these suspended players—who are now employees of the Saudi Golf League—walked away from the Tour and now want to return..” Amid an indefinite suspension of competition in the Saudi Golf League, they’re employing the services of attorneys to get entry into our competitions.”

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