What Is Peter Cancro Net Worth In 2022? Who is His Wife?

Peter Cancro Net Worth: Peter Cancro, who was born on May 15, 1957, is most known for being the CEO of Jersey Mike’s Subs or Jersey Mike Franchise System Inc., an American chain of submarine sandwiches. The company’s network has around 2000 outlets in the US, but it hasn’t always been simple. He is recognized as one of America’s top businessmen and is well into his 60s.

He had certain difficulties, but he conquered them successfully, turning them into the outstanding guy he is today. Even though his biography isn’t available on Wikipedia, his followers are curious about him.

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Peter Cancro Net Worth

A $600 million businessman and entrepreneur from the United States, Peter Cancro. As a co-founder of the more than 1,500-location American submarine sandwich restaurant Jersey Mike’s Subs, Peter Cancro amassed wealth. Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey, is where Cancro is from. When he was 14 years old, he began working at Mike’s Submarines, a sandwich shop. Peter learned that the store’s owners, two brothers, were seeking to sell during his final year of high school.

They asked for $125.000. Peter’s mother advised him to purchase it. The next week, Peter reportedly skipped class to canvass the neighborhood and hustle up enough cash to buy the brothers out. He finally knocked on the door of his football coach Rod Smith after trying for days without success. Rod, who had a day job in finance, volunteered to provide the funding for the purchase with an interest-bearing loan when Peter explained the shop’s financial situation.

Cancro added a few more facilities throughout the next ten years, but growth was difficult and gradual. He made the decision to franchise his business in 1987. He also changed the name of the chain from Mike’s Submarine to Jersey Mike’s at this time.

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Early Life Of Peter Cancro

On May 15, 1957, Peter Cancro was born in New Jersey. John is the name of his younger brother. Cancro attended Point Pleasant High School as an adolescent and received his diploma there in 1975.

Jersey Mike Subs Of Peter Cancro

Jersey Mike Subs Of Peter Cancro
Jersey Mike Subs Of Peter Cancro

In 1968, when he was only 14 years old, Cancro worked sometimes at a Point Pleasant sandwich business named Mike’s Submarines. The restaurant, which had been established in 1956, was now owned by a third party. In 1971, when the store was put up for sale, Cancro’s mother pushed him to buy it. He took her advice and, with the help of Rod Smith, a high school football coach who was also a banker, was able to raise $125,000 in a short period of time.

Cancro received a loan from Smith with a 7-year repayment schedule. Cancro ultimately took ten years to repay the debt, but he did it with interest. The “Coach Rod Smith Ownership Program” is a franchise-purchasing assistance program run by Jersey Mike’s today to support budding business owners. At the age of 17, Cancro became a company owner when he utilized the money to purchase Mike’s. He then rose to the position of CEO of the business. The transaction was finalized on March 31, 1975.

As a result of strong consumer demand, Cancro began franchising his restaurant all across the United States in 1987. At this point, he changed the company’s name to Jersey Mike’s to honor the state where the establishment was founded. From then, the company had a big upturn; by 2014, it had acquired 750 outlets with 650 more under construction at various phases.

Jersey Mike Subs Of Peter Cancro
Jersey Mike Subs Of Peter Cancro

The next year, Jersey Mike’s had more than 1,000 outlets overall, and by 2018, it had 1,400 locations and was generating $1 billion in business. There are a few franchise outlets in Mexico and Canada as well. Every Jersey Mike’s location offers custom-made submarine sandwiches with thinly sliced meats and cheeses. Customers may order their food “Mike’s Way,” which includes toppings like salt, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, onions, red wine vinegar, and olive oil juice.

Charity Works Of Peter Cancro

Cancro is interested in philanthropic activities through Jersey Mike’s. The restaurant has an annual “Day of Giving” on the last Wednesday in March during which it distributes all of the proceeds from its sales to different organizations. For more than 170 organizations around the country, Jersey Mike’s raised more than $6 million in 2022 on this day.

Personal Life Of Peter Cancro

Cancro married Linda, his first wife, soon after receiving his high school diploma. Robert, a boy, and Caroline, a girl, are the couple’s two children. Linda and Peter ultimately got divorced. Cancro wed Tatiana Cancro, his wife of the moment, at the beginning of 2014.

Personal Life Of Peter Cancro
Personal Life Of Peter Cancro

Real Estate Of Peter Cancro

Peter purchased a 3,838-square-foot, four-bedroom apartment on East 68th Street in New York City for $15.681 million in August 2014. At the intersection of 68th and Madison avenue lies their flat, which is part of a complex named the “Marquand.” The unit’s HOA dues are more than $14,000 per month. Maintain Your Current Awareness by Reading the Most Recent News on Our Website Talkxbox.

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