Parag Agarwal to get replace as Elon Musk has new CEO lined up for twitter: reports

Elon musk has new chief executive officer CEO who will replace Parag Agarwal once the $44 – billion sale of the social network is complete.

Musk told Twitter’s chairman Bret Taylor last month that he does not have confidence in the San Francisco-based company’s management.

Parag Agrawal, who was named Twitter’s Chief Executive in November, is expected to remain in his role until the sale of the company to Mr Musk is completed.

The meeting to switch came to a conclusion after Musk repeatedly criticized twitters content modernisation practices.

Musk has pitched lenders on slashing board and executive salaries but exact cost cuts remain unclear, according to sources familiar with the matter.

“I’m tired of hearing about shareholder value and fiduciary duty. What are your honest thoughts about the very high likelihood that many employees will not have jobs after the deal closes?” one Twitter employee asked Agrawal, in a question read aloud during the meeting.

Agrawal answered that Twitter has always cared about its employees and would continue to do so.

“I believe the future Twitter organisation will continue to care about its impact on the world and its customers,” he said.

During the meeting, Agrawal urged staff to expect change in the future under new leadership, and acknowledged that the company could have performed better over the years.

“Yes, we could have done things differently and better. I could have done things differently. I think about that a lot,” he said.

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