Overwatch: How To Configure Overwatch On PC

Overwatch: Just a few days ago, Overwatch was released to the public, and already, many players are raving about the game’s improvements. The game’s PC version boasts many improvements over the console version. Players on PC will have greater freedom in the shooter than consoles like the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch, thanks to features like the ability to switch server regions and the inclusion of controller support.

During the opening ceremony of #TwitchCon, you can expect to see a brand-new animated short film starring everyone’s favorite new support hero, Kiriko. Oct. 7 at 3 pm PT is the start of coverage. When it comes to the best controller configuration for games like Overwatch, the discussion has raged on in the first-person shooter community for quite some time.

While most people prefer to use a mouse and keyboard, others still prefer this method. Those who play shooters with a controller will be happy to know that the Overwatch PC version includes a straightforward way of doing so. Because of this, the procedures necessary to play the shooter with a controller will be covered in today’s tutorial.


Playing Overwatch On A Personal Computer Using A Controller

The Xbox One and the Xbox Series X controllers make playing Overwatch with a controller as easy as possible. However, players utilizing other X-input devices, such as the DualShock and DualSense, will have a brief time integrating their controllers into the game.

Players on PC will need to do the following before they may utilize a controller with Overwatch:

Using Bluetooth, link their controllers to their console. They will need to accomplish this before starting the game, and they can do so by selecting “Windows” from the taskbar, then “Bluetooth,” and finally by finding and fixing their controller. All you have to do to make your Xbox controller blink is press and hold the button on top that looks like three lines.

When the user does this, the system will pick up the controller tag, and the device can then be found during a Bluetooth search. Users of the DualShock 4 and DualSense 3 will need to hold down the Share and PS buttons for a few seconds before the light blinks. They can begin pairing as soon as their systems pick up on the controller. To play Overwatch with lit and linked controller, one need only fire up the Battle.net client.

The game will immediately recognize the player’s controller at launch, adapting the interface to work with it. However, if a controller is still connected, players can switch to using the keyboard and mouse by pressing a button on the controller. This will also alter the layout, so fans can try both variations to see which works best for their playstyle.

Controls of the shooter can be modified at the player’s leisure. They need only navigate to the Control submenu under Settings to make the desired adjustments.

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