Overwatch 2 Patch: Updated Patch Notes

Overwatch 2 Patch: Blizzard Entertainment ceased operations of the Overwatch servers in preparation for the release of Overwatch 2 today. We also have the day one patch notes for Overwatch 2, which include such additions as the 5v5 game modes, additional heroes, in-game cash, cosmetic kinds, and the brand-new Battle Pass for Season One.


Overwatch 2 Day One Update Patch Notes

There have been many server and login issues and long lines since Overwatch 2 was released. The new game’s release comes with a new trophy list and several other improvements. The first day of patch notes includes an overview of all the new features, as well as some of the more significant bug fixes and gameplay improvements:

Hero Updates

  • Added Sojourn, Kiriko, and Junker Queen
  • Added Role Passives for Tank, Damage, and Support heroes
  • Hundreds of new dialogue lines and enhanced hero-wide narrative response
  • With over 44,000 lines of dialog, you’ll always be hearing something new
  • Revamped combat sound design for all heroes
  • Updated skins and VFX for all heroes

Feature Updates

  • Accessibility Features
  • Battle Pass starting with Season One
  • Updated Competitive mode
  • Cross-Progression
  • First Time User Experience
  • New 5v5 core game mode format
  • New Challenge System
  • New Cosmetic Types: Charms, Name Cards, Souvenirs, Titles, New Skin Tier – Mythic – Cyber Genji
  • New History tab in Profile, including Game Reports
  • New in-game currency – Overwatch Coins
  • New Push core game mode
  • Ping System
  • Shop 2.0
  • Six New Maps – New Queen Street, Circuit Royal, Midtown, Colosseo, Esperança, Paraíso, and many existing maps received new daytime and nighttime variants.
  • SMS Protect
  • Updated Endorsement System

Delayed Features

  • OWL Hub will not be ready at the launch
  • Workshop creation and editing will not be ready at the launch

Moved Features

  • Highlights can now be found in the History tab of your Career Profile
  • Role Queue is removed for all game modes except for Quick Play – Role Queue
  • Patch Notes moved from the Main Menu to the Pause Menu

Retired Features

  • Assault maps have been removed from rotation in all playlists (can be found in Custom Game)
  • General Chat has been removed
  • Looking For Group has been removed
  • Loot Boxes have been removed
  • Player Levels are retired (you can view your prior level in your Profile)

Engineering Changes And Updates

  • 3D audio systems across all platforms
  • Dynamic render-scale support for PC
  • HDR added for PC, Xbox Series X, and PS5
  • Raised max frames to 600 fps

Final Lines:  We hope you have found all the relevant information regarding the Overwatch 2 patch. For the latest news and information, stay tuned with us here at talkxbox.com.

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