Obie Trice Net Worth: How Did He Get So Rich Through Work?

Obie Trice Net Worth: Obie Trice is a member of the American rap group. In 2002, he was given a record deal by fellow Detroit rapper Eminem’s label, Shady Records, which led to the release of the albums Cheers (2003) and Second Round’s on Me (2004). (2006). Following his departure from Shady Records, Trice established his own record label, Black Market Entertainment.

Moreover, he does not go by his rap moniker on stage as most other rappers do; instead, he uses his given name. In the next paragraph, Obie Trice Net Worth has been revealed.

Obie Trice Net Worth

Obie Trice is an American rapper and songwriter with a $300,000 net worth. Obie Trice gained most of his notoriety via his early 2000s collaboration with Eminem. In 2000, Shady Records formally acquired Trice. He contributed to the 8 Mile soundtrack, which featured Eminem in the lead role. He also made an appearance as a rapper in a parking lot in the movie. In September 2003, Trice’s debut album, “Cheers,” was made available.

“Got Some Teeth,” the album’s lead song, garnered positive radio airplay worldwide. The song reached its zenith at number eight in the UK and number 54 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the same year. Favorite rappers like Timbaland, Busta Rhymes, Eminem, 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Nate Dogg, D12, and Tony Yayo were also included on the album. The Recording Industry Association of America finally awarded it a platinum certification.

In 2010, Trice established his own record company, Black Market Entertainment, with the goal of giving Metro-Detroit residents access to rewarding careers in the entertainment sector. Trice was wounded twice on New Year’s Eve 2005 while traveling with his girlfriend on the Lodge Expressway close to Wyoming Avenue in Detroit, Michigan. His fiancĂ©e was able to flag down the police after one of the bullets went through his skull, but he was still able to exit the freeway. The bullet is still within his skull because the hospital decided it would be too hazardous to try to remove it. You may also read Alfonso Soriano Net Worth

Obie Trice Early Years

Trice was born in Detroit, Michigan, on November 14, 1977. He grew up with his three brothers and was reared by his mother on the west side of the city. His mother handed him a karaoke machine when he was eleven years old. He began rapping over instrumentals by musicians like N.W.A. using it. He began going to rap fights in and around the Detroit region at the age of fourteen.

He and his pals would engage in bouts at the Hip Hop Shop every Saturday. Rapper Proof from the group D12 served as the host of the contests. As he persisted in his fight, he started to get more encouraging feedback and started to take rap music more seriously. Trice pleased Proof so much that he introduced him to the other D12 members, including Bizarre. In the end, Bizarre introduced Trice to Eminem, which altered the course of his life and rap career. You may also check Sheikh Of Qatar Net Worth

Obie Trice Career Life

Trice used the rap handle Obie 1 before using his own name onstage. He joined Shady in 2000. In his first few years with the label, he mostly cooperated with others. On the D12 album “Devil’s Night,” he freestyled. He appeared, in the beginning, to “Without Me,” the album’s first song. He rapped on the “8 Mile” soundtrack and made a cameo in 2002. Trice released “Cheers” in 2003. Its debut song “Got Some Teeth” was well-received by reviewers and radio. It reached No. 8 in the UK in October.

Album hits include “The Set Up” and “Don’t Come Down.” Eminem, Dr. Dre, Timbaland, Mike Elizondo, and Fredwreck produced the album. It included Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg Lloyd Banks, and 50 Cent. RIAA certified it platinum. In 2005, Trice started working on his second album. Second Round’s On Me was out in August 2006. He then released “Bar Shots” with G-DJ Unit’s Whoo Kid. Soon after the album’s release, Trice’s mentor and label-mate Proof was shot in a Detroit nightclub.

Obie Trice Net Worth

Following his death, “Ride Wit Me” appeared on mixtapes with Trice. At Proof’s funeral, he discussed black community violence. He discusses the shooting in “Cry Now” and “Pistol Pistol” in “Eminem Presents The Re-Up.” In June 2008, Trice left Shady. He worried he wasn’t being pushed correctly, but he didn’t have a falling out with Dr. Dre or Eminem, despite rumors. Both Dr. Dre and Eminem worked with Trice again. In December 2009, Trice released “Special Reserve” with hip-hop producer MoSS. The album has 11 songs Trice recorded with MoSS from 1997 to 2000.

This compilation CD was a prelude to “Bottoms Up.” In April 2010, Trice planned to create “Black Music Entertainment. In August he published “My Time 2011.” His next single was “Learn to Love” (April 2011). His following album, “Bottoms Up,” wasn’t published until April 2012. “Get Rich Die Tryin” was to be on his forthcoming mixtape “The Hangover.”A few months later, he stated he was working on “The Hangover.” 2015’s August saw the album’s release. It was made by Magnedo7. In 2016, he said he was working on his fifth studio album. In August 2019, “The Fifth” came out. Features Xzibit, Directorkasper, and others. You may also go through Toni Morrison Net Worth

Obie Trice Personal Life

Over the course of his career, Trice has faced a few issues. While he was traveling in Detroit in December 2005, his automobile was shot six times. Police took him to Providence Hospital after one of the bullets struck him in the head. He still carries the bullet in his head today because doctors considered it too unsafe to remove it.

After getting into a violent argument with his girlfriend, Trice was detained for shooting his girlfriend’s son in December 2019. The gunshot resulted in the son’s pelvis breaking. For the shooting-related offenses, he received a 90-day prison term. He was accused of using a phone to harass or threaten someone, which led to his arrest and imprisonment in June 2022. Soon after his arrest, he posted bail. You may read Jose Altuve Net Worth

Obie Trice Awards And Achivements

Even though he hasn’t won any honors for his work, he certainly deserves to be recognized for the significant ways in which he has helped advance the rap music business. Because of his various accomplishments, he was able to make a connection with a senator from the state of Michigan.


To recapitulate, it is vividly apparent that we have described Obie Trice Net Worth became wealthy because of his enormous earnings through his career as a rapper and also gained popularity because of his amazing albums. We hope you like our page and for more updates kindly visit our website

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