Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090: Is Nvidia Better Than Intel?

Nvidia Geforce RTX 4090: The RTX 4090 from Nvidia is the new flagship of the company’s Ada Lovelace architecture-based new generation of graphics cards. It brings new technology, improvements, and a significant improvement in GPU performance.

With significant enhancements to ray tracing and deep learning super sampling (DLSS) performance, it aims to serve the next generation of video games. The Nvidia RTX 4090 appears to be a severe competitor to the top graphics card and can potentially change the gaming PC industry as we know it.

We have the most recent information about team green’s GeForce RTX 4000 flagship.


RTX 4090 Release Date 

The release day for the RTX 4090 is October 12. After months of rumors, the October release date was accurate. The certification does, however, leave open the issue of what happens to the stock still on the market for used goods and retail.

The release timetable for the remaining Nvidia Lovelace next-generation cards may be in jeopardy since retailers are stuck with so much out-of-date stock.

RTX 4090 Price 

The RTX 4090 will cost $1599, verified during GTC after being predicted to cost $2000. Due to concerns with supply and demand, this could become quite expensive, although the MSRP is far lower than expected.

In the past, we’ve seen a Vietnamese merchant advertise the RTX 4090 as one of their current pre-orders for more than $2000. However, given the ongoing supply chain problems, we fully anticipate that the 4090’s price will be increased slightly above the intended $1599 MSRP. 

Where Can We Expect To Purchase The RTX 4090?

We anticipate pre-orders will open at shops after the card is unveiled because the card has been formally announced. Since the 4090 will be too pricey for most people to consider, you’ll probably have a sizable quantity of stock on the card. Along with this, you can also read that Nvidia reveals new technology.

However, you might want to look at the 3090 for the time being if you can’t wait long before investing in a GPU. However, you should still anticipate that they will soon be surpassed. 

Nvidia RTX 4090 Specifications

Compared to its predecessor, the Nvidia RTX 4090 features some improvements, including faster clock speeds, more CUDA cores, third-generation ray tracing roots, and fourth-generation tensor cores.

Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090


24GB 24GB
Boost Clock 2.52 GHz 1.70GHz
Base Block 2.23GHz 1.40GHz
CUDA cores 16384 10496
Ray Tracing 


Third Generation Second Generation
Tensor Cores Fourth Generation Third Generation
Bus Width 384- bit 384- bit

The RTX 4090 is constructed using the most recent TSMC 4nm process and is based on Nvidia’s new Ada Lovelace architecture. That makes it possible for unparalleled efficiency and a significantly smaller design. The RTX 4090 manages to have much higher clock speeds while having more than 50% more CUDA cores than the RTX 3090.

Similar memory setups are used, with 24GB of GDDR6X operating at a 384-bit width. Although Nvidia hasn’t confirmed anything, the memory on the new card is expected to work at the same 21Gbps as the RTX 3090 Ti. As expected, the 4090’s power needs have increased, though not as much as some speculations claimed. Its 450W power output is 100W higher than the RTX 3090s but equal to the RTX 3090 Ti.

RTX 4090 Performance

It should be no surprise that the RTX 4090 may significantly improve gaming performance with its greatly increased number of CUDA cores, faster clock rates, and newer RT and tensor cores. Nvidia is promising from general rasterization, ray tracing, and especially when exploiting the new DLSS 3 upscaling technique. However, we’ll want to wait for third-party benchmarks to make any firm promises.

According to Nvidia, the RTX 4090 should perform about twice as well as the RTX 3090 in regular gameplay and up to four times when DLSS 3 is used in ray-traced games.

What About Nvidia, Compared To Intel?

For a long time now, Intel and nVidia have been rivals in the market for graphic cards, each with its own set of strengths and weaknesses. Which firm will be most successful in 2022? Intel graphics cards are often regarded as the most reliable and robust market. They are also helpful for laptops and other portable devices due to their low power consumption.

Intel GPUs, however, can be more costly than nVidia cards of equivalent performance. A lot of gamers choose nVidia cards because of how well they perform. The fact that they are typically less expensive than Intel cards makes them appealing to gamers on a tight budget. However, compared to Intel cards, nVidia ones can be less dependable and more power-hungry.

In 2022, which graphics card manufacturer will reign supreme, Intel or nVidia? Your needs and available funds should guide your decision. If you want the highest performance and don’t mind spending a little more, Intel is the way to go. However, Nvidia is the superior choice if you’re on a small budget but still want a high-quality gaming experience.

Final Lines: We genuinely hope the details we provided satisfy your needs. This article discusses Nvidia RTX 4090. If you liked this article, kindly share your ideas in the comments. Visit Talkxbox.com to read about  How To Install NVIDIA Drivers Correctly.

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