No Info About Halo Infinite Even After Three Hours Of Xbox Showcase!

Xbox Showcase gave any hints regarding Halo Infinite. didn’t We’re almost done with Summer Games Fest, and a lot of it was devoted to Xbox, which featured two distinct showcases featuring peeks at first-party games, including large Bethesda projects like Redfall and Starfield. Although Microsoft previously said that it will only concentrate on games released in the next twelve months, it seems that Halo Infinite, which is currently available as a live service, would get fashion updates and previews throughout this period.

On the multiplayer front, we already know we’re in for another six-month season, but by the conclusion, we should have both campaign co-op and a beta for the planned Forge mode. Given how close they are and how Halo is expected to remain Microsoft’s flagship property, it would have been a nice chance to demonstrate some insight into these elements. Instead, Halo’s most notable cameos were the Pelican in Flight Simulator and a crossover with Fall Guys that will go place later this month.

However, gamers still have larger issues about Halo Infinite as a whole, which was supposed to be a “platform” for future Halo content, albeit we haven’t worked out precisely what that means. The Halo Infinite campaign ended on a massive cliffhanger, and the premise of Infinite as a “platform” implied that more will be added to it over time. New parts of the Zeta ring, maybe new planets or rings in general. And yet, we’ve heard nothing about the followup to Infinite’s tale, and considering that there was a six-year gap between Halo 5 and Halo Infinite, I believe fans are wondering what precisely the goal is for Master Chief himself going forward. Will we have to wait another year or two for further plot material, or will we have to wait for another half-decade?

No Info About Halo Infinite Even After Three

On top of that, Certain Affinity is working on a new Halo Infinite mode, which many assume would be a battle royale type, and it seems that the goal was to release it within the year. And, once again, we saw none of this during the exhibition.

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The two Xbox showcases really demonstrate how much the firm has evolved with its first-party products. Redfall and Starfield, both Bethesda titles, and Diablo 4, a Blizzard title, were the show’s most popular games. Forza Motorsport was the only typically “Xbox” franchise that was present in a large manner. Halo and Gears of War were not. Halo Infinite seems to be failing to even catch up to the multiplayer side of things these days, and I have no clue how 343 wants to tackle the series’ larger evolution in multiplayer. and a single player in the future. They don’t appear to want to offer us any hints either.

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