Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Nintendo Switch! Is Switch Lite Better Than Switch?

Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Nintendo Switch: Late in 2021, Nintendo introduced a new member of the Switch console family known as the Nintendo Switch (OLED model). This version of the system had an improved display as well as a redesigned dock. Despite this, there are only two newer versions left that you can purchase. The Nintendo Switch Lite is a handheld console exclusively, making it a more compact and portable option than the original Nintendo Switch, which combines a handheld and TV console in a single device.

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Nintendo Switch Lite Vs. Nintendo Switch: What’s The Same?

  • The platform is based on Nvidia Tegra X1
  • Same 1,280 × 720 screen resolution

Both consoles have several distinctive characteristics that set them apart from one another. The titles that can be played on both systems and the controls available when used in handheld mode are the primary points of comparison (because the Switch Lite can only do handheld mode).

In addition, their screens have the exact resolution (albeit not the same size!). They are powered by the identical bespoke Nvidia Tegra CPU (which, like all smartphones, is based on an ARM-derived design).

What’s Different In Both Of Them?

TV vs handheld

  • Standard Switch can be used in TV, tabletop, or handheld modes with detachable Jon-Con controllers.
  • Switch Lite can only be used as a handheld.
  • Switch Lite doesn’t have detachable controllers included

The primary distinction lies in how each Switch is ordinarily put to use. The Switch Lite can only be used in the handheld mode, but the standard Nintendo Switch can be docked and linked to a TV or another display, used as a handheld console, or used to stand on a tabletop and utilize its collection. All three modes are available for the standard Nintendo Switch. The standard Switch has detachable Joy-Con controllers, but the Switch Lite does not.

nintendo switch lite vs nintendo switch

Once the Joy-Con controllers are detached from the central Switch unit, they can be used wirelessly with the central Switch unit, primarily for when it is attached to your TV or standing up. However, the Joy-Con controllers can be reattached to the central Switch console to be used for handheld play.

You can wirelessly connect controllers to the Switch Lite for games that do not support handheld mode. However, if you buy separate Joy-Cons, you will also need a Joy-Con Charging Grip to keep them powered up. The classic D-pad takes the place of the four directional buttons previously found on the left Joy-Con controller of the Switch Lite.

Happy news for Pierce Brosnan fans! Joyful N64 users! Everyone who likes the famous GoldenEye 007 Video Game should beglady to hear that it will be back. According to what Nintendo said at its most recent Nintendo Direct presentation, GoldenEye 007 is “coming soon” to Nintendo Switch, and it will have at least one significant improvement over its original version.

nintendo switch lite vs nintendo switch


  • Nintendo Switch: Weight – 297g console only, 398g with Joy-Cons. Dimensions – 173 x 102 mm x 14 mm
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: Weight -277g. Dimensions – 208 x 91 mm x 14 mm

Both consoles are around 14mm thick, and the standard Switch is slightly bigger thanks to the larger screen – about 30mm longer. The Switch Lite is a little more pocketable as a result. Weight-wise, the standard Switch clocks in at just shy of 400g with the Joy-Cons attached, while the Switch Lite is over a 100g lighter at 278g.


  • Nintendo Switch: Grey, red/black/blue
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: Coral, turquoise, yellow, or grey

The primary Switch console comes in a grey finish or a more recognizable design with blue and red Joy-cons. Both are available for purchase. On the other hand, there have been unique versions, such as the now-extinct Animal Crossing edition (which, unfortunately, we could not purchase).

The Switch Lite comes in four colors with a matte finish: coral (pink), turquoise, yellow, and grey. Once more, collector’s editions were made available, including Pokémon artwork. The Best Switch Games for local multiplayer give you a wide range of fun things to do with friends and family while sitting on your couch. On the Switch Multiplayer Games, you can do many fun things, like play Mario Party Superstars, which is excellent for a family get-together or to compete with your friends.


  • Nintendo Switch: 6.2-inch 1,280 x 720 LCD screen
  • Nintendo Switch Lite:  5.5-inch 1,280 x 720 LCD screen

These models have an LCD screen with a resolution of 1,280 by 720, but the sizes differ. The screen on the Switch Lite is 5.5 inches rather than the 6.2 inches on the main Switch console, and the bezels around the display on the Switch Lite are lower.

Battery life

  • Nintendo Switch: Between 4.5 and 9 hours
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: Between 3 and 7 hours

The Switch Lite, depending on what you’re playing, promises between three and seven hours of gameplay time, whereas the regular Nintendo Switches (released after the middle of 2019) promise between four and nine hours of gameplay time. The battery life of older Switch consoles is noticeably shorter, which can imply anywhere from 2.5 hours at the lowest end of the battery life spectrum to 6.5 hours at the highest end.

When purchasing used consoles, then take extreme caution. It is dependent on the game that you are now playing. According to Nintendo, the Switch Lite will have a battery life of four hours when playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, while the conventional Nintendo Switch will have a battery life of 5.5 hours (for the after mid-2019 version).


There is only one winner in this competition if cost is your primary concern, which is the Switch Lite. However, suppose you want to use the Switch in a typical manner, with a TV or another monitor. In that case, you can only do so with the standard Nintendo Switch, which has several additional capabilities and is the only model available.

In addition, it features removable Joy-Con controllers, making it possible to use the system with Mario Kart wheels or Ring Fit Adventure. Get the Switch Lite instead of the primary model if you’re going to use it when you’re on the move because it’s smaller, more pocketable, and has a respectable battery life, even though it can’t match the longevity of the conventional Switch.

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