Nintendo Switch Games 007 Goldeneye: What Fuss Is It All About?

The 1997 first-person shooter for the Nintendo 64 adds some classic James Bond action to Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch Online. Prepare your remote mines and load your silent PP7s: The Nintendo Switch Online and Xbox Game Pass subscription services both offer GoldenEye 007 for play. This is the first rerelease of the well-liked James Bond first-person shooter since its 1997 debut on the N64.

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Nintendo Switch Games 007 Goldeneye

Nintendo Switch Games 007 Goldeneye
Nintendo Switch Games 007 Goldeneye

To access GoldenEye and other N64 titles, you must be a $50/year Expansion Pack member of Switch Online. The official 007 website notes that this version is identical to the N64 original, with the exception of online multiplayer, which is only available in the Switch edition. The default control layout is probably going to feel a little strange, but Reddit user Cuesport77 offered adjustments that would make it more appropriate for contemporary shooters. I put it to the test, and it really does work (though I opted to use the left analogue stick to move around, and the right for aiming).

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Using Your Xbox To Play GoldenEye 007?

Xbox One and Xbox Series X and S support the Game Pass version. GoldenEye is available for free to anyone who has a digital copy of Rare Replay, the 2015 compilation of 30 classic games. A membership to GoldenEye costs $10 per month. Rare Replay is not a separate purchase and does not apply to physical copies of the game.

In the below Tweet, You can see individuals are waiting for GoldenEye 007:

Craig Duncan, CEO of Microsoft-owned developer Rare, claimed in a blog post announcing the game’s launch that it “now offers modern control choices (including support for dual analogue sticks) and a steady refresh rate, operating at a native 16:9 resolution up to 4K Ultra HD (where supported)”. Additionally, there is a long list of Xbox accomplishments to go on, some of which will undoubtedly put experienced 00 Agents to the test. It, therefore, provides more contemporary bells and whistles than the Switch release but lacks online multiplayer (local split-screen will still be available).

What Fuss Is GoldenEye 007 All About?

In a live-streamed Nintendo Direct event from last September, GoldenEye’s comeback was announced. The game, a licenced adaptation of the 1995 film in which Pierce Brosnan made his acting debut as the famed British secret agent, received praise from critics for its enjoyable single-player story and spectacular split-screen competitive multiplayer. With 8.09 million copies sold, it became the third-best-selling game on the N64, behind only Super Mario 64 and Mario Kart 64, which each sold 11.91 million and 9.87 million copies. Prior to Microsoft’s 2002 acquisition of Rare, Rare also created the N64 version of the GoldenEye sequel Perfect Dark in 2000.

What Fuss Is GoldenEye 007 All About?
What Fuss Is GoldenEye 007 All About?

Since accomplishments for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S have been leaked, fans have been waiting months for the company to announce a remaster. A rumoured longer gameplay video surfaced in 2016, and it was apparently scheduled for Xbox 360 release in the late 2010s. The game’s licencing rights, according to Xbox CEO Phil Spencer at the time, made getting it on the device difficult. The versions of the game that were released on Switch and Xbox are upscaled versions rather than remastered versions. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Talkxbox.

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