That Time Nintendo Love Hotel: Opened Many Love Hotels

Nintendo has been a family-friendly business with an emphasis on making smiles and having fun for many years. This philosophy has only grown when they entered the video game industry. Nintendo did experiment in other things like trading cards, taxi companies, and… love hotels, though, before they got into toys and video games.

Nintendo has just opened a lot of love hotels. For those who are unfamiliar, Love Hotels are short-stay “hotels,” sometimes abbreviated as (rancho) in Japanese, where guests can really pay substantially less for precisely the length of time they need. Theoretically, this is perfect for travelers who only want a somewhere to crash and don’t want to book a pricey hotel for several days.

But there is a very clear reason why Love Hotels are notorious. As the name suggests, Love Hotels cater primarily to those looking to reserve a room for an hour or two of sex. These hotels have become popular hangouts for a variety of activities, including prostitution, secret virginity pacts, and cheating spouses among young people.

Love Hotels frequently have a theme as well, allowing guests to role play in a space decked out in aquatic, Arabian, or anime decorations to liven things up. Numerous hotels can be found all over the nation, some close to tiny towns and residential regions and others crammed into busy locations like Shibuya.

Nintendo experimented with a variety of business operations up to the 1960s, and one of those ventures was establishing and managing numerous Love Hotels all across Kyoto, Japan. As they had often ventured outside of the card printing industry on their way to becoming the prosperous firm they are today, this was not at all unusual for the company at the time.

Surprisingly, not much more information is available about the hotels Nintendo managed, but we do have a rudimentary record of their business residences at the time in this region.


MY BROTHER ONCE RUINED MY GAME CONSOLES (AMONG OTHER THINGS) Just keep in mind that Nintendo was once very not family-friendly and that in order for their business to succeed, they needed certain people to frequent their Love Hotels. According to Nintendo’s CSR Report 2021, the company has advanced significantly from the 1950s. Nintendo certainly has a varied and colorful past, spanning everything from gangster activity, seductive play cards, and Love Hotels to toys and video games.

Oh. gangster activities, did I mention that? Well, we will discuss that at a later time. We appreciate your visit to Nintendo Link and your interest in reading this “That Time” article. Do you believe Nintendo should own these hotels? What surprised you? In no way? Please share your thoughts in the section below. Enjoy your games, everyone.

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How Do Love Hotels Work?

Even though I’m aware that most people are already familiar with the term, I still want to clarify it to avoid any misunderstandings. Simply said, a love hotel is a place where people can have sex (specifically built for this). This is a legitimate and still widely practiced business in Japan. According to some industry research, the 1960s and 1970s in Japan saw a spike in the popularity of love motels.

Although many tourists mistakenly referred to them as motels, they have since evolved into quite opulent establishments with themed rooms and even costumes (as weird as it sounds). These hotels are now a significant source of revenue. However, the issue with these hotels is that some illegal activity takes place there. Given that the majority of these love motels are located in red light districts, this also includes prostitution.

The Relationship Between Nintendo And Organized Crime

What better way to advertise these love hotels than by using the infamous Yakuza clan? (Japanese Mafia). They were in charge of the sex business at the time (and possibly still are), so they attempted to seduce Hiroshi Yamauchi into agreeing to a deal allowing their prostitutes to use the love motels. Many believe that Fusajiro Yamauchi, the man who founded Nintendo, was responsible for forging relationships with organized crime.

As a result of a chain of events, additional crimes, including gambling, began to be committed in the name of Nintendo. The translation from Japanese would be something like “equally ambiguous” at this stage, or a more precise translation would be “leave luck to heaven.” This is due to Hiroshi Yamauchi’s attempts at a variety of businesses, including local restaurants and taxi services.

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