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Nilda Roman Perez: How Did She Die?

Nilda Roman Perez

Nilda Roman Perez

Cuban-American activist Nilda Roman Perez fought for the Cuban Revolution. She arrived in the country in 1961 after leaving Cuba where she was born in 1932. She belonged to both the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five and the Communist Party USA. Perez was a fervent supporter of Fidel Castro and the Cuban Revolution. She had faith that Cuba will experience freedom and democracy as a result of the Revolution.

She also thought that the Cuban people ought to defend their Revolution against American efforts to topple the country’s leadership. Nilda Lavoe, also known as Puchi Lavoe, passed away in 2002 after falling out of an apartment window. When she passed away, she was 52 years old. Her full name at birth was Nilda Puchi Roman Perez, and she was married to the well-known salsa artist Hector Levoe.

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Nilda Roman Perez Cause Of Death

The grandson of Hector resided with Puchi. She got locked in her flat, he was telling me. She occupied an apartment on the first floor. She made the decision to exit a window and walk around to the front after being stuck in a room. He remarks, “As she stepped out the window, “She was there, in my view. She fell from the window while I watched from the outside.

Her head was just severed from her spine. She expired right away. She had no breath. Then she passed away.” What a life for this youngster, I thought. followed by his father, grandpa, and grandmother. He is also a very intelligent young man. But Puchi perished in such a manner. she scurried out the window.

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How Did The Son Of Nilda Roman Perez Pass Away?

The movie “El Cantante” implied that he stole his father’s gun and used it to shoot his closest buddy (as stated by “Puchi” in the movie). It’s entirely feasible because it frequently results in disaster when a gun is left unattended in a home. What was said in the movie, but not what actually occurred, is the prior response. Hector LaVoe’s manager, David Maldonado, provided a different description of what actually transpired.

How Did The Son Of Nilda Roman Perez Pass Away?

Tito shot himself in the stomach with his father’s gun, and he died as a result of the gunshot wound. Tito was NOT shot by his closest buddy. His mother, “Puchi,” told the police a falsehood, saying that his “best buddy” had inadvertently shot him. Tito killed himself because he was unable to handle his parents’ constant arguments about drugs and the issues that come with fame. Don’t forget to share this news with your loved ones, and check out Talkxbox.

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