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Nick Jonas calls Daughter Malti a “Gift”, talks about Priyanka’s first-ever mother’s day as a Mom

‘Daddy’ Nick Jonas visited Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to promote his forthcoming show, Dancing With Myself. On the show, Jimmy asked Nick about becoming a father and his brothers’ responses to it. Nick even uncovered how he got a tree for his spouse, Priyanka Chopra

Nick said, “Yeah, it’s pretty wild. Our little girl’s home. She’s just amazing. What a gift.” Jimmy asked him if people have been giving him advices on how to care for his baby, he said, “Turns out everybody I know is a newborn care specialist, all these PhDs I didn’t know they had.” When Jimmy asked how Nick’s brothers have responded to the baby’s arrival, he said, “Amazing. They got kids of their own–the two older ones– and Franklin, the youngest, he’s 21 now, can you believe that? He’s the favourite uncle of all, by far. Maybe because he is closest to their age.”

Nick said that he celebrated Priyanka’s first Mother’s Day with a ‘little thing’ at the house and got her a citrus tree which he will plant soon. Nick also talked about his love for Bollywood music and how it is the easiest to dance to. “My wife Priyanka, she is Indian. We dance to a lot of Bollywood music coz I find it is the easiest to dance to. I could just … (pumps his arms)…do this move all the time, whether I am sitting or standing and it works.”

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