The Amazing Design Of The New Sony Walkman Music Players And Android 12

New Sony Walkman Music Players: The NW-A300 and NW-ZX700 are a pair of new Android Walkmans from Sony. Yes, Walkman, was the renowned music player brand from Sony in the 1980s. When Apple recently discontinued the iPod Touch series, it may have given up on the notion of a music player that could be used with a smartphone, but Sony continues to create Android-powered Walkmans and has for some time.

The first was the Android 2.3 Gingerbread-powered NWZ-Z1000 from Sony in 2012, which appeared like it had been turned into a music player by simply removing the modem from an Xperia phone. Since then, Sony has created designs with more purpose-built hardware, and now, a variety of Walkman music players running Android are available. Sadly, it appears that only Europe, the UK, and Japan are currently selling these new ones.

The NW-A300, which is the most user-friendly of the two, will be our first choice. The NW-A105, which introduced this fundamental style in 2019, came pre-installed with Android 9. This is an improved model of the gadget with a fresh SoC, a less dated version of Android, and a scalloped back. The 32GB version costs 46,000 yen (about $360) in Sony’s native Japan and 399 euros (approximately $430) in Europe.

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The NW-A300 is a small little gadget that is roughly the size of a deck of playing cards at 56.698.512 mm. Really, though, just take a look at these images. Sony still has a fantastic product design department, despite the fact that it isn’t the consumer electronics behemoth it once was. Although I don’t need a separate music player, I just want to handle one of these Walkmans since they are both so attractive. A 3.6-inch, 60 Hz, 1280 x 720 touchscreen LCD dominates the front.

There is 32GB of storage, and Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi 802.11AC are both supported. As far as official specifications go, that is all Sony is willing to say. While claiming to have “longer battery life,” it only guarantees “36 hours* of 44.1 kHz FLAC playing, up to 32 hours* of 96 kHz FLAC High-Resolution Audio playback,” refusing to disclose the size of the battery. That should be it with the screen off.

New Sony Walkman Music Players
New Sony Walkman Music Players

Is These Features Better That Previous?

We may go to The Walkman Blog, a fantastic website that is quite serious about these little music players, for further specifications. The A300’s 1500 mAh battery was included in material the website discovered in October. The NXP i.MX8M-Mini system-on-a-chip, a very sluggish 28 nm SoC with just four Arm Cortex-A53 CPUs and 4GB of RAM, was used in the earlier NW-A100 variant. Even while you may claim that this is merely a music player, it still uses the entire Android operating system, including the app store.

We are unsure of the model number, but Geekbench results indicate that this contains a new quad-core Qualcomm CPU of some type and 4GB of RAM. Most of the “improved battery life” promise would presumably be explained by a newer processor with fewer transistors. There is a headphone jack on the bottom of the device because this is a music player.

A lanyard hole, a fast USB-C 3.2 Gen1 connector for rapid audio transfers, and a MicroSD card slot are also included. A hold switch, previous, play/pause, next, volume controls, and power are all accessible through buttons down the side of the device. The NW-ZX700 is yet another brand-new Sony Walkman.

Is These Features Better That Previous?
Is These Features Better That Previous?

While the price of 104,500 yen ($818) may seem high for a portable music player, it is really a relative bargain when compared to the “Signature Series” NW-WM1ZM2, which costs an eye-watering $3,700 due to audiophile hocus-pocus such a “gold plated, oxygen-free, copper body.” But let’s get back to the $800 model. This features a genuine audio amplifier with large, powerful capacitors to power the analog audio output, unlike standard phone equipment.

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With dimensions of 72.6 mm x 132 mm and a massive 17 mm in thickness, it is significantly larger than the A300. Additionally, it features two audio outputs: a 4.4 mm “balanced” audio port and a normal 3.5 mm headphone connection, both of which are utilized by high-end audio equipment. Sony undoubtedly has a fantastic selection of headphones to match. The Qualcomm QCS4290 has been identified as the SoC by The Walkman Blog.

Is These Features Better That Previous?
Is These Features Better That Previous?

However, with an 11 nm processor, eight Kryo 260 CPUs, and an Adreno 610 GPU, this is quite similar to a Snapdragon 662 sans the modem, despite the unfamiliar Qualcomm model numbers for non-phones. The ZX700 sports a larger 5-inch, 1280720 display and 64GB of storage due to its larger body. Sony claims that the battery can last for about 23 hours of audio playing, thus running all that amp equipment is draining the battery.

This and the A300 both make use of the S-Master HX digital amplifier chip, which is compatible with Super Audio CDs and Sony’s high-resolution “NativeDSD” audio format. If you’re some sort of heathen who only streams Spotify in 128kb, Sony’s “DSEE Ultimate” function dubiously asserts that it can “upscale” your music using artificial intelligence. For a more “genuine listening experience,” there is also a “Vinyl Processor” that can add record player sounds to your audio. Explore our website Talkxbox for some additional information.

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