National Throw Short People Day 2022! How Did It All Started?

National Throw Short People Day: If you can’t identify the group’s short friend, you’re probably short. Is that you? Do concerts obscure your view? Do you jog to match your friend’s “slow pace”? Are you still carded at 30? You’re short, buddy. Napoleon Bonaparte, famously short, wasn’t so straightforward. He was 5 feet 7 inches tall, which was impressive for the period.

The British used to call Napoleon “little Boney” to mock his height. Napoleon often appeared short because taller guardsmen surrounded him. His autopsy measured him at 5 feet 2 inches, but in French, more significant than British and American inches. The definition of short varies by period and nationality.

In America, women are 5 feet 5 inches tall, and males are 5 feet 10 inches. In China, women are 5 feet 2 inches tall, and men are 5 feet 6 inches. Tallness and shortness are relative. Hence a man deemed small in America may be tall in China. If you’re short, own it. Today’s yours!

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National Throw Short People Day Timeline

1400 You’ll reach new heights in these sky-high heels. Chopines were footwear that gave the wearer a height increase of up to 18 inches and shielded clothing from dirt and dust.

1595 The treatment given to high heels was fit for a queen. As the first person to be depicted in art wearing heels, Queen Elizabeth I holds the distinction of being the first person known to have worn them.

1804 Napoleon complex: Napoleon Bonaparte, widely but incorrectly believed to be of diminutive stature, rose to Emperor of France.

1996 A company that makes elevator shoes sprang up. Southern California is where Tall Men Shoes, the industry leader in the market for elevator shoes (shoes that boost the height of its wearers), was established.

National Throw Short People Day

Statistics For National Short Person Days

5 % Taller Than Our Forefathers

It makes it natural that today’s adults are roughly 5% taller, given that the average young adult is healthier than they were 100 years ago. However, there are significant regional differences because some nations experienced significantly different changes for men and women. For instance, women in South Korea had a 14% increase in mean height compared to men. And in the Philippines, men’s peak climbed by about 5% while women’s size increased by just 1%.

Typical Adult In Bolivia Is 4 Feet 11 Inches Tall

Bolivians are the world’s shortest people, standing on average 4 feet, 11.5 inches tall when both genders are considered. One in three children under the age of five suffers from chronic malnutrition in this one of South America’s poorest nations, which frequently causes them to grow to below-average heights. It is believed that genetic and hormonal factors are also at blame, with Bolivian girls being more impacted than males. Data also revealed that 42% of newborns were underweight.

National Throw Short People Day 2022

December 22 is National Short Person Day, and the theme this year is “Great things come in little packages.” Whether you are tall and have short people in your life or short yourself, now is the moment to appreciate their presence in your life. On this day, celebrate your shortness and have a good time with other people on the shorter side.

‚ÄčNational Short Person Day Activities:

National Throw Short People Day

Talk About The Good Things About Being Short

Make it a point to recognize the many advantages of being short on National Short Person Day, whether you’re tall, average, or short. For instance, tell yourself or others who are short that they have more room in vehicles and on aircraft because of their height. Additionally, there are petite and regular apparel categories available to you, and you won’t have to worry about obstructing anyone’s vision at a concert or movie theatre.

Honor Your Close Companions

Tell the folks in your life who are on the shorter side that you think they’re awesome. Sending a text to let them know it’s National Short Person Day or giving them a call to tell them how awesome they are will go a long way toward making them feel loved and welcomed.

If You Are Tall, You Should Wear Flat Shoes

To show your support, please refrain from donning any heels and instead put on your flattest pairs of footwear.


Which day of the year is National Short Person Day?

December 22, National Short Person Day, falls on a Sunday this year.

National Short Girl Day!

Today is National Short Girl Appreciation Day, and it is December 21. Tell the short girls you know how much you value them. Sit back and wait for compliments if you’re the brief female in your friend circle.

Why Do We Appreciate National Short Person Day?

It encourages approval.
National Short Person Day serves as a reminder to embrace people for who they are, whether you are short or have short people in your life. Let’s not make assumptions about people based on their height. And don’t forget, this is a time to emphasise how crucial it is to celebrate our diversity, no matter what makes us unique from one another.

It emphasises diversity.
What makes the planet so unique are the various heights, shapes, and ethnicities that make us unique. Fortunately, National Short Person Day offers yet another opportunity to acknowledge difference.

It might increase self-assurance.
Fortunately, National Short Person Day’s upbeat attitudes inspire short people to embrace their height. Thus, stand tall? You grasp our meaning.

Final Lines

Despite popular belief, Napoleon Bonaparte was not as small as his height would have you believe. His height of 5 feet 7 inches stands out compared to other men of the day. Napoleon was called “little Boney” by the British as a slur on his diminutive stature. His taller guardsmen accentuated Napoleon’s small stature. However, the 5 feet 2 inches recorded during the autopsy were in French inches, significantly longer than their British and American equivalents.

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