Movies Like Moonfall And Here Is 8 Movies You Should Watch This!

Movies Like Moonfall: Moonfall by Roland Emmerich could be too much of a sci-fi disaster movie, but audiences might favor 2012 and Greenland instead. A moon descends on a collision course with Earth in the catastrophe movie Moonfall, directed by disaster movie enthusiast Roland Emmerich.

The surprise is that a mysterious species is to blame for the moon’s altered orbital track, making it a space mission to preserve humanity. Due to the overdone premise and the absurd third-act curveball, even this sci-fi disaster movie, unfortunately, fails to connect with the reviewers and audience.

Moonfall does, however, have some enjoyable moments thanks to the cast’s charisma, the ambitious plot, and the stunning visuals. Of course, the property combines sci-fi thrills with motifs from other movies, such as surviving the end of the world.

Though these exaggerated elements make for entertaining popcorn viewing, many noteworthy catastrophe and space movies imitate the ridiculous energy and false science portrayal. The Pairing Of Two People Who Couldn’t Be More Dissimilar From One Another Has Served As The Inspiration For A Few Well-known Love Stories. Here Is A Selection Of Movies That We Think You Would Like If You Like Romantic Melodramas And Are Fans Of Endless Love.


Independence Day (1996)

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Just a few days before the Fourth of July, an unexpected mothership unleashes chaos and devastating force on Earth on Independence Day. They intend to conquer Earth and exterminate humanity. In the face of these alien threats, a group of individuals will stand their ground and battle to save humanity.

Movies Like Moonfall

Moonfall uses the extraterrestrial invasion plot element, probably influenced by Independence Day. Even Moonfall’s action scenes, tone, and character arcs share many similarities with Independence Day. Unsurprisingly, Emmerich’s Independence Day altered the definition of the sci-fi and catastrophe movies that most people are familiar with today.

Armageddon (1997)

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One of the most well-known movies today is Armageddon, which may be the only disaster movie to promote the idea of a comet object heading for Earth. A NASA leader gathers a team of drillers to drop a nuclear bomb on an asteroid headed straight for Earth. How well will they do? And View The Top Johnny Depp Films, Listed From Worst To Greatest.

Movies Like Moonfall

Unlike the aliens, Moonfall’s second and third acts are similar to Michael Bay’s science fiction disaster. Unsurprisingly, Armageddon, one of the worst sci-fi movies from the 1990s, mirrors the absurdity of the plot and scientific inaccuracy. To avoid taking things too seriously, the thoughtless action sequences improve the film’s entertainment value as a popcorn movie.

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

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In The Day After Tomorrow, a paleoclimatologist named Jack Hall warns the government about the impending Ice Age. Sam, Jack’s kid, and his pals are caught in New York City when a superstorm breaks out.

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Movies Like Moonfall

Emmerich is known for his expertise in catastrophe films, so it is not surprising that Moonfall mimics the spectacles of The Day After Tomorrow, particularly the climactic moments featuring a New York landmark in ruins and a wintery backdrop.

The Day After Tomorrow, one of the rare disaster films without a happy conclusion, also exhibits the same scientific errors as Moonfall. This sci-fi disaster movie had terrific sights, so it was worth seeing.

2012 (2009)

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Emmerich imagined what would have happened on December 21, 2012, when there was a false prophecy that the world would end at the time. Eschatological occurrences in 2012 included megatsunamis and earthquakes, which caused mayhem. A struggling author tries to help his family survive the tragedies after becoming aware of these happenings.

Movies Like Moonfall

Moonfall replicates critical components of the 2012 plot, such as the action scenes, character roles (particularly the stepfamily), and visual spectacles of catastrophic weather. Emmerich’s 2012 attempts to depict this phenomenon with visual delights and succeeds despite its apparent flaws.

Geostorm (2017)

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In the movie Geostorm, people built a system of satellites to regulate Earth’s climate. The system is now targeting Earth due to a series of unanticipated weather breakdowns that have shocked the world. Scientists are working to find a solution as time runs out.

The best film that captures the absurdities of Moonfall’s story is Geostorm, which even integrates space and severe weather hazards. However, unlike Moonfall, where aliens initiated threats to Earth, this time, it is a satellite built by humans that have turned hostile to them. Even though Geostorm is a natural disaster in and of itself, it is better than Moonfall since it is so severe.

Movies Like Moonfall

The Midnight Sky (2020)

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In The Midnight Sky, a sickly scientist named August Lofthouse discovers a missing girl living in an Arctic colony. Extreme winter weather has rendered Earth inhabitable while they are enduring the worldwide catastrophe. Given these occurrences, he scrambles to inform a spacecraft that is returning of the situation on Earth before it is too late.

Movies Like Moonfall

With a global calamity and a space adventure, The Midnight Sky shares many of the same story elements as Moonlight. Still, the plot tropes are handled thanks to a sophisticated and moving atmosphere differently. The Midnight Sky drags along at a leisurely pace, but the outstanding cast work and emotional impact of the narrative give it more depth and steer it away from clichés.

Greenland (2020)

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John Garrity, a structural engineer, is attempting to save his family in Greenland as a comet hurtles toward Earth. To get to the shelter in Greenland, though, they must overcome challenges. A comet impacting Earth is the central theme of Greenland, which is similar to Moonfall but does not include a space expedition or aliens.

Movies Like Moonfall

Even the narrative emphasizes the struggle to find a concealed shelter strong enough to endure the terrible effects. Greenland presents the most significant and worst aspects of humanity and the determination to survive, simplifying its narrative. It is one of the few disaster movies that successfully carry out this notion without letting the action and plot oddities take over.

Don’t Look Up (2021)

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Don’t Look Up by Adam McKay embodies a distinct kind of comet-destroying force that emphasizes the film’s societal critique and more humorous undertones. A professor and a doctoral candidate learn that a comet will soon collide with Earth. They use social media to propagate the word after failing to get the attention of the authorities.

Movies Like Moonfall

Don’t Look Up imitates the plotlines of a doomsday plot mixed with a hypothetical space mission of Moonfall and has a highly gifted ensemble. This comedy-apocalyptic movie offers an alternative to the typical end-of-the-world plot by balancing the mood with humor and sarcasm. The audience and reviewers’ opinions of McKay’s most recent film have been divided, but this hasn’t stopped the picture from earning multiple Oscar nominations, including Best Picture.

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