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Move Relearner BDSP: How To Get Heart Scales?

Move Relearner BDSP

Move Relearner BDSP

Move Relearner BDSP: Your Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl Move Relearner won’t become available until well into the game. Finding the Move Tutor is essential in Pokemon BDSP if you want to build the best possible team of Pokemon.

When putting together your team, it’s easy to delete a move in favor of another and then regret it. In addition, some Pokemon have unlocked activities at level 1 and can only be taught by breeding. The good news is that you can relearn any move in a Pokemon’s moveset using the Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner.

Move relearner BDSP

Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner Location Where To Find The Move Tutor

The home of the Move Relearner is in Pastoria City, northeast of the Pokemart. Located in Pastoria City lies the fourth and final Gym, a water-type gym, and the Safari Zone, popularly known as the Great Marsh.

Many uncommon Pokemon live here, especially those that can use water as their element. Enter the Move Tutor’s home, and you’ll find a solitary NPC by a bookshelf in the far right corner. Get in touch with him to restart your Pokemon’s move reset. Along with this, you may also read Autumn Falls Death

Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner: How It Works?

To relearn moves, visit the Move Relearner residence and speak with the man who lives there. Each new skill you learn will cost you one Heart Scale. These are common finds for miners in the Grand Underground. You can also find a Heart Scale on the ground in Route 212, and Luvdisc will have one in its possession if you catch it using a Super Rod at the Pokemon League.

What Moves Can Be Relearned Using the POKEMON BDSP Move Trainer?

It is possible to relearn all of a Pokemon’s moves. There are a lot of activities in the Pokemon games that can only be learned at level 1 by breeding. Some of these moves are incredibly potent. Therefore it’s worth using the Move Relearner to relearn them.

Some of the most well-known activities in the Pokémon games are unlocked at level 1 and include Wood Hammer from Torterra, Cross Poison from Crobat, Thrash from Gyarados, and Fire Fang from Garchomp.

Pokemon BDSP Move Relearner Restrictions

While it’s possible to relearn the vast majority of movements, there are a few exceptions. Moves that a Pokemon only learned in a previous evolution cannot be relearned. Only the activities in a Pokemon’s native set can be taught to it again. Since Egg Moves can’t be taught again, you’ll need to breed a new Pokemon to receive them. It is impossible to relearn a TM.

How To Get Heart Scales?

There are two ways to farm Heart Scales in Pokemon BDSP.

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